Top 5 Travel Movies in Hollywood and What They Teach Us

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So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right in. Are you looking for a travel movie that takes you through a personal journey with a sea of emotion? Then you are in the right place. It’s a list of the top 5 travel movies in Hollywood that you must see in your life. 

Top 5 Travel Movies in Hollywood and What They Teach Us
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1. Into the Wild

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get away from the boxed-up city life and intertwine completely with the breezes of nature? Into the Wild is a travel movie based on a true story about one such individual that dared to take the leap by rejecting the confines of society. 

After his graduation with a great result, Christopher McCandless leaves his home, giving all his life savings to charity. While on his way to hitchhiking Alaska, he encounters different people with vastly different lifestyles than his. Every encounter teaches him a different way of living a life and enriching himself. McCandless shows us that true satisfaction doesn’t lie in conformity and that our dissatisfaction is a part of what satisfies us.

2. Little Miss Sunshine 

It is a story of a family going on a cross-country trip to get their young daughter into a children’s beauty pageant contest. Eventually, it shows the viewers how that sort of contest can be harmful to little children. But there is so much more to this movie. As an Adult comedy travel movie, Little Miss Sunshine goes through the darkest parts of depression, and anxiety, in the lightest possible way. 

As a viewer, you don’t get to experience a road trip and go through the individual sentiments that have spawned over their lifetime. There is a character of each age group that plays a significant role in a person’s life. Each character goes through some of the worst possible outcomes in that time of their life. 

But every unfortunate event makes them wiser, better instead of pushing them into a darker place. Because every time an individual falls, the rest of the family is there to support them. It is a movie about failure, depression, anxiety, and at the same time, you will find a ray of sunshine in every corner. 

3. The Bucket List 

There is no overly complicated life story here. There are no twists, nor are there any turns, yet The Bucket List is a travel movie that doesn’t let you leave your seat for a moment. The two main characters are portrayed by two award-winning academy actors Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman.

It is a story about two cancer patients who seek to fill in their bucket list at the end of their lives. In their journey of touring the world, they are most affected by each other. The movie is filmed in China, Egypt, France, India, and America.  It is a beautiful and heartwarming movie that you can fall in love with. 

4. The Before Trilogy 


The Before Trilogy is a set of three films that started with the release of Before Sunrise in 1995. The travel movie trilogy was later followed by two sequels, Before Sunset and Before midnight. Directed by Richard Linklater, they are one the best travel movies and one of the most successful romantic stories ever told in cinema.

It’s a story about two strangers meeting in an unknown place and eventually falling in love. The plot takes place over different periods of their life in various stages throughout the three movies. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy play the main characters. 

5. Due Date

Due Date is one of the most hilarious and underrated movies ever made. The lead characters are played by Robert Downey Jr. and the comedic genius Zach Galifianakis, and it is directed by non-other than the brilliant Todd Phillips. It doesn’t have a moment of dullness, and as a travel movie, it takes you on a journey with it. Throughout their comedic hardships and chemistry, you get to see a bond being created between the two main characters as they help each other reach their end goals. Even as a comedic cinema viewer, you can experience friendship and learn about forgiveness among friends.  

Top 5 Travel Movies in Hollywood and What They Teach Us 1

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