Top 5 EV Charging Accessories Every EV Owner Should Have

Electric vehicles are the transport of the future. With fossil fuels like petrol and diesel becoming ever more expensive to buy, cars running with this fuel are seeing a huge increase in operational costs.

As a valid alternative to most combustion engine vehicles, it is no surprise that EV ownership has gone up.

EV charging accessories

But when considering everything you’ll need for your EV setup, you may have skimmed over a few essentials to make running and to operate an EV easier.

In today’s article, we’ll review the top EV charging accessories you should have as an EV owner or potential EV owner.

Cable Hooks And Docks

For those who have invested in an Easee solution for their home charger setup, the Easee cable hook can help your cable stay safe and elevated – keeping it away from feet and animals.

It may seem arbitrary, but a cable hook isn’t just for easy access; it can help prevent damage to your cable.

Other brands will have their variation of the cable hook. For example:

  • EVBox offer a charging cable dock
  • Myenergi offer a holster for type 1 and type 2 cables

Be sure to look into your charger brand and find a cable hook or dock appropriate for your setup.

Easee Charger Cover

All Easee home chargers will come with their standard white cover, but what if you want some style? Well, the charger cover that Easee offers for their products enables you to stylise your charger with the following:

  • Red cover
  • Blue cover
  • White cover
  • Grey Cover
  • Black Cover

These covers are easy to clip onto the charger and the backplate. In addition, they allow for the charger to be locked before closing the cover itself. Just be sure to source a high-end padlock!

Juice Booster 2 Adapter

If you are planning a trip in your EV that’ll span several countries or locations, such as a Europe trip, then you’ll want a Juice Booster 2 adapter. Even if you aren’t planning a trip anytime soon, having one of these adapters to hand will make sure you’ll always find a charge point you can use.

The standard package for a Juice Booster 2 provides you with the following:

  • Type 2 32A 3-Phase female connector with a 4m cable
  • CEE adaptor (red 3-phase 32A)
  • Juice Booster 2 Unit
  • UK adapter (3-pin 13A)
  • Carry case

However, there are over 25 adapters available such as:

  • Type G (UK)
  • NEMA 5-20 & NEMA 5-15 (US)
  • CEE 7/7 (Europe)
  • Type 3 (France)
  • Type 2 (Europe)

And so many more for countries such as Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, among others!

EVBox Smart Charging Kit

EV charging

For those EV owners that opted to go for an EVBox setup for their charging, this handy kit will ensure you can get the most out of your charging setup. It can handle up to 50A, single-phase, and helps you safely make the most of your available power capacity.

This smart charging kit will allow you to:

  • Integrate your charging setup with a solar installation.
  • Gain more control with the companion app, including various charging commands such as Charge now, Charge smart or Stop.
  • Receive more support for variable energy tariffs.
  • Plan smart charging schedules that run automatically.

Gaining control over your charging couldn’t be easier than with the smart charging kit. 

Note that the single-phase version of this charging kit will come with 3x50A CT clamps, but an additional 100A CT clamp will also be needed (often sold separately).

Easee RFID Keys

For those who have invested in an Easee charging solution, having RFID keys is essential to controlling your charging station. These keys are for use with any Easee charging station (including both Easee One and Easee Charge models).

An RFID key is a great kit that can easily start and stop your charger and give you complete control over who has access to your charger.

In addition, the keys can be assigned to different users; this functionality can then be used to record consumption data across various Easee devices.

Keep track of who is using what and when with ease. These keys are usually sold in bundle packs of around ten keys per pack.

In Summary

Electric vehicles and charging setups are critical to a future without fossil fuels, negative carbon emissions, and cleaner environments. 

If you have invested, or are thinking about investing in EVs, be sure to perform adequate research into the setup that will best benefit you. Always look into the accessories and optional extras that can help take your charging setup to the next level.

Finding a setup that works for you is paramount, as everyone’s home and lifestyle are different.

Top 5 EV Charging Accessories Every EV Owner Should Have 1

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