Tips to Find the Best Cat Water Fountain

Cats are drawn to water fountains because they instinctively see moving water as fresher and safer. Stagnant water can contain bacteria, prompting cats to prefer flowing water sources.

Water fountains are great entertainment for these entertaining creatures as they love to play around with their food and water. Furthermore, cats also tend to play with tap water, so if you’ve ever noticed your cat doing that, basically your cat is asking you for a water fountain.

However, there are certain tips that you should consider before you search for fountains online or even visit a local shop as a person might impact your way of thinking, even before you have made up your mind about some basic things such as brand, budget, and type.

Cat Water Fountain

Start by researching well-known brands that specialize in pet fountains. Brands with positive reviews and a good reputation for quality products are often a safe bet. Decide between different types of fountains, such as circulating, filtered, or gravity-fed. Each type has its advantages and may appeal to different preferences.

You should always focus on the capacity of the fountain depending on the number of felines. If someone has more furry companions at home, then they should opt for a huge capacity fountain. 

A filtration system ensures that your pet gets to drink clean and fresh water everything they want to get hydrated. Furthermore, Filtration enhances the taste of the water as it removes all unpleasant stuff. This can make the water more palatable to pets, encouraging them to stay adequately hydrated.

Pump performance including noise level as well as reliability. If the pump doesn’t make much noise, then your pet, especially a cat will be able to enjoy the hydration process even more. 

You can always choose fountains with adjustable flow settings, allowing you to customize the water flow to suit your cat’s preferences. Some cats prefer a gentle flow, while others may prefer a more vigorous stream.

There are many pet owners who purchase a water fountain at a low cost, but at the same time, the maintenance becomes very high. In fact, some of the pet owners can’t even clean the fountain properly because the pet has to deal with various infections in the long run. 

If you don’t want to be that owner, then simply invest in the best cat water fountain, ensuring that you can clean it with ease. Look for water fountains with dishwasher-safe parts for easy and convenient cleaning. This can save you time and effort when maintaining the fountain.

Cat Water Fountain

Can’t deny the fact that we all love good-looking water fountains in a house to give that aesthetic look. In fact, If you are someone who wants to click pictures of their pet while drinking water and post them on Instagram, then design is something you should look for. 

Also, don’t forget if your cat page gains popularity, you may have opportunities to collaborate with pet brands for product reviews or recommendations. This can be a way to share your experiences with different pet products and help your followers make informed decisions.

When it comes to spending money on our pets, we do not back off easily. Isn’t it? However, Set a budget for the water fountain and explore options within your price range. There are many high-quality fountains at various price points and you can find one that meets your needs without overspending.

Setting a budget allows you to choose only a specific range rather than allowing sales person or any article to manipulate you to buy something that’s not aligned with your financial aims. Being disciple with your money is something you feel proud of in the long run.

If you are fountain is back with electricity and, for some reason, it stops working, rather than panic, you can simply reach out for replacement or quick help. This replacement or help comes when your pet water fountain comes with a warranty and support.

Make sure that you are investing in a durable fountain rather than buying something at a discounted price and later regretting it. Water fountains constructed with durable materials and sturdy construction will stick longer than you can imagine. 

A durable fountain will withstand regular use and last longer without needing frequent replacements.  if you’re looking for a long-term investment and prioritize durability, a more durable product, even if not discounted, may offer better value over time.

We all know the playful nature of a cat, and if you want that playful nature to not increase your work by spilling water around, then getting a non-skid base is a wonderful idea for a water fountain. Aside from this, check if the battery or electricity-operated water fountain is energy-efficient. If not, then be ready to pay a huge bill over time.

Never shy away from talking to a fellow cat parent who has also introduced their pet to a water fountain in the house. Sometimes you will receive such inside that it won’t be available anyway on the Internet or even in the local shops. 

Some water fountains might be a perfect idea to buy, but when you learn about how a pet can trip on the wire, you might want to get a wireless fountain, or maybe you need to change the place of installation. 

Considering the above-mentioned points, you can find the best cat water fountain that meets your cat’s hydration needs, fits your lifestyle, and offers excellent value for your investment.

Bringing a water fountain to the house could be a good idea as it encourages your pet to stay hydrated. Some fountains come with sensors that can detect when the pet is around so that it makes a movement to attract the cat or even dog. 

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