Tips for Mums to Get Their Kids to Play Outside

Kids enjoy several benefits from playing outdoors with their peers in nature. Asides from building social skills, kids also get to develop more movement skills. Unfortunately, kids who live in urban areas are spending more time in front of a screen than outdoors. In comparison, the older generation was more active vice versa when they were kids. The obvious direct effect of this is developing a sense of community with their peers, social skills, fun activities, and exercising their body.

Tips for Mums to Get Their Kids to Play Outside

Parents have a mammoth task to perform in yanking their kids away from the screens to the outdoor playing field. This is to ensure that they get the best fun activities as kids that will help them develop physically, mentally, and socially. It is one thing to get them out to play, it is another thing to get them to play safely.

This article focuses on useful tips for mums to get their kids to play outdoor. It also emphasizes the benefits of kids playing outdoors. Finally, it recommends Riiroo’s outdoors activity motor toys as fun toys for kids to play with outdoors.

Tips That Get Your Kids To Play Outdoors

When getting your kids to go outside, it is important to get them to trust you when convincing them that it is for their benefit. Here are some of the strategies you should consider using

1. Play Dates

Play date

If you live in an urban environment, you might have other parents having similar challenges with getting their kids to go out to play. A way to solve this problem together with other parents is to organize play dates for your kids. You can put together different plans to take your kids to the park, lake or creek. Kids naturally take it from there to interact and play with each other. Just be sure you are keeping a watchful eye to keep them coordinated and safe at all times.

2. Outdoor Events

Having outdoor events that you participate in as a family is another way you can get your kids excited about playing outdoors. You can explore nature with your kids on set days outside your house. These outdoor events can be on holidays where you go hiking, explore oceans, deserts and mountainous areas. Depending on the age of your kids, you should be careful in choosing the areas where you explore.

3. Plant A Garden

Plant a garden

Aside from developing a hobby for yourself, you can use some hands from your kids in helping you plant and tend to your garden. This is a great way to bond with your kids, get them to learn new skills, get them to go outside, and tend to your gardens. You can plant their favourite flowers and keep their interest going in these flowers in your garden. If there is one thing kids love the most, it is watching what they are working on growing. They live for such fascination and excitement.

4. Walk In The Park

Often, kids point out different things that catch their attention while they drive back from school. Explaining these things to them while driving might not give them the full experience and understanding that they deserve. Hence, you can park your car for some minutes and walk them around to give them the direct experience they need to understand these things. In addition, they get to interact with nature and its natural elements.

You can also incorporate family time with your kids with regular weekend walks, bike rides, or visit to the park.

5. Picnics


In the summer period, going on picnics can be a memorable and fun activity to do outdoors. Planning picnics is one of the activities that will excite your kids and something they can look forward to experiencing. With the energy that they have, your kids will surely get busy with the other attraction in your picnic area. You can plan for a picnic dinner at the park or your playground. You can also plan these picnics with other parents and have your kids play together and develop their social skills.

5. Walk The Dog

Another strategy for getting your kid to get off the screen is to get them to help you walk the dog. Kids love animals and would oblige your request. You can also get them to play around with the dog while they are at it. They can play catch, toss a ball, play chase and do other fun activities. You can allow them to run around in the neighbourhood. Make sure you keep a close watch on the area where they play.

6. Motor Toys

Motor toy

Kids like to mimic their parents. Often, kids request driving real cars to their parents. Well, buying them a motor toy is as real as it can get. There are different motor toys for the different age groups of children. You can buy this toy for them to get them to drive it outdoors. If you are looking for a place to get the best motor toys for your kids, Riiroo motor toys will take care of your need.

Riiroo Motor Toys for Your Kids

Riiroo is your one shop stop for everything motor toys. There are several motor toys you could select from that meets your need and age specifications. As an added benefit, Riiroo motor toys offer either pickup or delivery service. Your comfortability is paramount to Riiroo as a brand. For your kids, Riiroo’s motor cars are the best motor cars that will bring them the fun activities they want. These motor cars are safe and protective of your child when they play outdoor.

Summing It Up

Participating in outdoor activities is important for the growth and development of your kids in all areas of their life. they are able to grow their motor skills by playing outdoor, social skills by interacting with other kids, mental skills by trying to win in their activities. With the recommendations above, you can do more good for your kids by getting them to play outdoors. Of course, Riiroo is here to help you achieve that.

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