Tips for Making Airport Travel Affordable

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With so many great airport travel and airport parking options, there are many great ways to reduce travel costs.

Making Airport Travel Affordable

There is a consensus that travelling to and from the airport costs a ton of money. The crazy part of that thought process is that it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Many travellers will spend a ton of money just opting for the first parking choice at the airport that they find convenient, but with a little bit of looking, there is so much money to be saved. 

With so many great airport travel and airport parking options, there are many great ways to reduce travel costs. 

Tips for Making Airport Travel Affordable

Do you remember the days when the parking fees for your car used to be almost just as much as the ticket for your plane rides? Crazy, right? 

Who thought it was a good idea to pay for your ticket twice when it’s just for a place for your vehicle to sit? 

The following tips can help you know that you have options for your next trip. 

Why is airport parking so expensive? 

That’s a great question! Why is airport parking so expensive? Who made the fees, and why are so many people just okay with them? 

Airport parking can be a great way to plan your trip, but don’t forget that it’s an added expense. Budgeting for airport parking is a must, but don’t let it be something that breaks the bank.

What options are there for airline parking? 

The great thing about parking at the airport is that it doesn’t have to be a one size fits all solution. Some people may need a closer parking option than others, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the only way. 

Airport Shuttles

Airport shuttle

Many locations are scattered throughout the cities to get you to and from the airport. Shuttling people from the airport and back to their car is a more affordable option that still gets the same result. 

Shuttles can be in the form of trolleys or buses, which are usually a good way to get a group of people to the airport quickly. 

Short Stay Parking

If your trip isn’t going to be long, there are short-stay parking options at the airport that you can use. Many people overlook this aspect and pay full price for their trip. 

Short-stay parking will vary depending on where it is located, but it will be a cheaper fee and allow you to have your car onsite for the duration of your travels.

Off-site parking

One of the most affordable options for travelling and parking is to park your car at an off-site parking location.

This means you’ll need to have a service that takes you to and from the airport, but most places offer that as part of the deal. 

If they don’t offer it, you can easily call a taxi or a ride-sharing service to take you there and pick you up.

The thing to remember about parking off-site is that you want to do your research and make sure that you’re parking with a legit company and in a safe area. 

Finding a place that has good reviews, and is trustworthy, is worth it! 

How much does it cost to park at the airport? 

Aiport parking

The rate for parking is going to vary. You can find some spots as low as $10 a day, and they can go much higher than that. 

The longer you stay and park, the higher the price will also go. It does accumulate quite quickly, so this is something to be aware of when planning your next trip.

Overall, know that you can find affordable airport parking options if you’re willing to look. Most places are set in their pricing, for the most part, so don’t expect there to be too many discounts or sales.

Talk to family and friends and see who they recommend using, and make sure that you go with a trusted company with good reviews and affordable pricing. 

The next time that you have to fly out of the airport, you can rest easy knowing that your parking expenses aren’t going to be near as high as they could have been! 

Use that money for travelling and stop spending hundreds of dollars to park your car in a random location. 

The following tips can easily help you navigate your planning and prepping so that you don’t spend all your money on your parking fees. 

Safe travels – and have fun with the extra money you have in your pocketbook! Because spending it on high-priced parking is not a good plan for anyone to do! 

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