Tips for buying the right kid-friendly furniture in your house

When looking for ways to redecorate a home, you probably have a challenging time, as there are so many things you need to keep in mind, and the whole process can be very stressful. Plus, if you have kids, you also need to look for kid-friendly alternatives so that your children will always be safe and nothing bad will happen to them. If you already went through this process, you probably had a very tiring time, right? Kids are playful by nature, so besides looking for something that will match the style of your house, you also need to buy sturdy furniture that will resist over time, even if the kids play and jump on it many times. You also must pay attention to the fabrics of the furniture and ensure that they don’t contain any harmful substances that can put your child’s health at risk.

The good news is that this process is not an impossible mission because you will find many models that are specially designed for kids or contain child-friendly materials. Luckily for you, we have also prepared a guide to help you buy the best alternatives for your kids and your house. So, keep reading if you want to find out more.

Keep in mind safety

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When parents choose furniture for their kids, they are tempted to select the brightest and most colorful options they find. But, although this might be a good criterion for some, it will be better if you keep in mind safety when choosing alternatives for kids. Usually, kids don’t pay attention to what is really around them, and instead of staying away from danger, they embrace it. More than that, as they are very curious and are at an age where they want to discover everything around them, they will want to touch each surface and try everything that goes through their little minds. Children will always want to play, which is good, as it is an important part of their lives that helps them gain essential life skills and develop them physically. But for that to happen, you must create a safe space where the furniture is carefully chosen to protect your kids.

Don’t opt for materials that are not kid-friendly, and stay away from something made from glass. Although glass tables are trendy, they don’t really mix well with kids, as they are breakable, which is why you should opt for something else. Also, it would be good to choose non-slip furniture to protect the kids better. The tables where the hot food is placed also need to be sturdy, so only opt for something durable that is not easy to push over or move around. 

Choose appropriate materials

Choosing furniture for kids doesn’t depend only on the style, color or theme but also on the material, which might be the most important aspect to consider when searching for pieces. For example, plush fabric is very suitable for kids, as it is safe, and children love it because it is comfortable and pleasant to the touch. And pieces made from this material are the perfect option for decorating the playroom or bedroom because they are cozy, lightweight, and easy for children to drag around. 

Wood is another material that can be considered if you have kids, as it is durable, which is why many cribs, chairs and tables are made from it. Plus, wood is a material that can be painted in your kids’ favorite colors, so they can customize it in whatever style they like. Not to mention that the pieces made from wood guarantee that they will last longer than the others made from other materials, which is essential if you have kids. 

Whicker is another material suitable for kids, as it is lightweight and stylish, making it a great option, especially if you are looking for something to store all your kids’ items. For example, toy baskets can be made from this material, as they are light, and if they fall, they will not harm kids. Also, furniture pieces, like chairs and tables, can be chosen with this material because it is recognized for being durable and resistant over time. 

Whatever material you opt for, keep in mind to buy products made from fabrics certified under the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. If you are wondering what is OEKO-TEX certified, you need to know that this certification ensures textiles have been tested for harmful substances and don’t contain any. So, also remember to look at labels for this certification to ensure that your kids will always be safe and not be surrounded by harmful substances. 

Opt for furniture with plenty of storage options

kid-friendly furniture

Choosing furniture with plenty of storage options is always good, as you don’t want the toys and clothes to be in all parts of the house. And storage is even more vital for kids than adults, as they have more toys that need to be placed somewhere so that children will not slip and fall. So, the best idea will be to opt for something that serves many purposes. For example, if you buy bookshelves for your kid’s room, besides books, you can store toys, dolls, board games, trophies or stuffed animals, so the house will be more spacious and look clean. Also, beds with storage underneath are a good solution, as they will keep the room tidier, and you will have an easier time cleaning the space. 

Final words

There are many aspects to keep in mind when buying furniture for your kids. But the most important thing you must remember is safety, as kids are curious by nature and will not recognize danger even though it is present.

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