The Vomiting Caterpillar

Not a particularly pleasant title today is it? But there is a reason for ‘The Vomiting Caterpillar”, my little man is really making progress with his movements at the moment. When we sit on the floor with him now he will very often sit unaided for a few seconds before leaning on our legs or leaning back against us. I don’t think it will be long before he can sit totally unaided.
The Vomiting Caterpillar 1
But that’s not ‘moving’ I hear you shout, honestly, you can be so impatient, I was just getting to that bit. Beanie Boy has been comfortable rolling onto his tummy for a couple of weeks now and his tummy is his chosen position for sleeping. And being the wriggle bum that he is, he soon finds his way from one end of his cot to the other. I’ve had to move all of his toys out his bed in case he ends up re-enacting the scene from ET.
This afternoon when he woke up from his nap I took him into our bedroom and laid him on our bed whilst I was sorting some clothes and watched him move from one side of the bed to the other, he wasn’t so much crawling or wriggling but digging his head into the bed, lifting his bottom as high as it would go and then sliding his head forward and his bum down, rather like a caterpillar. All was going well, or so I thought? This apparently didn’t work so well for his tummy as the moment I picked him up he was very very sick, IN MY HAIR, all over my jumper, down into my cleavage and settling nicely in my bra – thanks Beanie Boy, its a good job Mummy loves you xx

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