The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Foodie Friends

We all love our foodie friends. They have great restaurant recommendations, you know they’re always going to feed you when they invite you over, and they’re really, really easy to shop for!

If you have an avid foodie in your life, you know that there are countless food-related gifts that they’ll go absolutely mad for. Whether it’s a fun new ingredient you found at a market, a recipe book to challenge them, or a ticket to a food festival, your options are really endless. Here’s a list of some gift ideas to get your brain juices flowing. 

Some foodies just like the experience of eating, but most people who love to eat food love to make it as well. If your friend is a whizz in the kitchen, help them level up their skills by gifting them some kitchen upgrades or new, exciting gadgets. 

A great idea for a big spoil is a set of really high-quality knives crafted to perfection, with a good knife sharpener to go with it. You could also purchase them an appliance they’ve had their eye on (we all know the power of a good air fryer by now) if you have the budget for it.

For more budget-friendly gifting ideas, consider a hamper with a few interesting ingredients that they can experiment with. 

Grab a box and fill it with items like exotic spices, artisanal oils and vinegars, or some gourmet salts. If you fancy, you could look online for some fun recipes that use the ingredients you’ve purchased, print them out, and attach them to the gift. That way, you know you’re offering them something useful, and they’ll probably take it as a challenge and invite you for dinner! 

Another simple gift that always hits the mark is a new recipe book. A cookbook will offer an absolute bounty of new and exciting recipes to try, and will likely keep a foodie busy for months on end. 

Buy them a cookbook by one of their favourite celebrity chefs, a cookbook that focuses on their favourite cuisine, or a cooking bible that will help them master a technique they know they’ve wanted to improve on. For a personalised touch, flip through the book and add sticky notes to the recipes you think they might enjoy or the ones you’d like them to cook for you! 

If you’re indecisive when it comes to buying gifts, subscription services are going to be your best friend. Fortunately, there are countless different types of subscription services to fill a foodie’s heart.
The first and most obvious option is to gift them a meal kit subscription, which will send them a box of ingredients and recipes to follow every week for the duration you choose. Another awesome option is an international snack subscription box, which focuses on different countries and their unique snacks each month. There are other options too, like cheese boxes, coffee and tea boxes, or wine boxes. The possibilities are endless!

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