The Ultimate Gift Guide for Young Equestrians

Welcome to our Gift Guide for Young Equestrians, a carefully selected Christmas Gift Guide dedicated to young horse enthusiasts. Perfect for parents, relatives, or friends searching for the ideal present, this guide showcases a diverse range of options to fit various interests and budgets. Celebrate the festive season with thoughtful gifts reflecting their love for riding and horses, making this Christmas unforgettable for the young equestrian.

LeMieux Young Rider Gia Puffer Jacket
Gift Guide for Young Equestrians

LeMieux Young Rider Gia Puffer Jacket is the ultimate cold-weather essential for young equestrians. This stylish and practical jacket is designed to keep riders warm and comfortable during chilly days at the barn or on the trails. The quilted puffer design provides superior warmth with DuPont synthetic filling, which is as warm as down and compressible as cotton. It has a trendy and sporty look to make any young rider stand out in style.

Constructed with high-quality material, this Gia Puffer Jacket offers exceptional warmth without added bulk, allowing young riders to move easily while staying cosy. The water-resistant outer shell ensures protection from light rain or snow, keeping them dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather conditions. It is machine washable to make life easier for parents. Additionally, the jacket features a detachable hood and extended back hem for added coverage, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities during fall and winter.

Equipped with zippered pockets for storing essentials like horse treats or grooming tools, this jacket combines functionality with fashion to meet the needs of young equestrians. Whether riding in the arena or running errands around the stable yard, the LeMieux Young Rider Gia Puffer Jacket delivers style and performance—making it a must-have addition to their riding wardrobe. The jacket comes in three colourways: Black, Orchid and Navy.

Fieldmasta 350g Combo Turnout Rug

The Fieldmasta 350g Combo Turnout Rug is an exceptional choice for ensuring your horse’s comfort and protection during the colder months. This high-quality rug is designed to keep horses warm and dry, even in harsh winter. It features a 350g insulation layer, excellent warmth retention, and a durable, waterproof outer layer to guard against rain and snow.

The rug’s unique design allows for freedom of movement, ensuring that the horse can move comfortably without restriction. Additionally, the rug’s breathable fabric prevents overheating, maintaining an ideal temperature for the horse. The combo neck design offers extra protection, covering the horse’s neck, which is particularly beneficial in windy or extremely cold conditions.

With its robust construction and thoughtful features, the Fieldmasta 350g Combo Turnout Rug is an invaluable addition to any young equestrian’s horse care essentials, offering peace of mind that their beloved horse is well cared for during winter.

Young Rider Gift Set

The LeMieux Young Rider Light Bundle is an exceptional gift choice for young equestrians, combining style and practicality. This bundle includes must-have basics in various colours, allowing young riders to start their new LeMieux colour story.

The bundle features a Young Rider Base Layer, designed for comfort and flexibility during rides, and a stylish Pom Hat Silk, adding a touch of elegance to riding attire. The base layer is easy to care for, ensuring long-lasting wear. Perfect for everyday training, this bundle offers young riders a chance to express their style while enjoying the quality and durability LeMieux is known for.

Wireless Riding Speaker

The Rhythm Seeker Wireless Riding Speaker is an innovative and fun addition to any young equestrian’s riding experience. This compact, portable speaker is designed to be easily attached to riding gear, allowing riders to enjoy their favourite music, audiobooks, or podcasts while moving.

Its robust, water-resistant construction makes it suitable for outdoor environments, ensuring durability no matter the weather. The speaker offers crystal-clear sound quality, enhancing the riding experience without disruption. Its long-lasting battery life provides hours of uninterrupted use, making it perfect for long rides or training sessions.

Bluetooth connectivity allows easy pairing with smartphones or other devices, making it a versatile accessory for leisure rides and more focused training. The Rhythm Seeker Wireless Riding Speaker is more than just a gadget; it’s a way to make every ride enjoyable, motivating, and uniquely personal for the young rider.

Prezzee eGift Card

The Prezzee eGift Card offers the ultimate flexibility and choice for any young equestrian. It’s the perfect present for those who know exactly what they want or need. Whether towards a new piece of riding gear, horse care products, or saving up for a bigger item, this eGift Card empowers young riders to make their own decisions.

It’s easy to use online, and the recipient can choose from a wide range of equestrian products. This eGift Card is not just a gift; it’s an opportunity for young riders to explore, discover, and select exactly what they desire, making it a thoughtful and appreciated present.

Horse Keyring

Delight the young equestrian enthusiast with the Horse Keyring, a charming and functional accessory that celebrates their love for horses. This keyring is not just a simple trinket but a symbol of their passion. Crafted from high-quality cast metal, it features four distinct equestrian-themed charms: a stirrup, riding boot, saddle, and a horse plaque.

These intricately designed pieces come together to create a keyring that’s aesthetically pleasing and evocative of the joy of horse riding. Made by the renowned German company Troika, this keyring is chrome-plated, adding a shiny, durable finish that stands out. It’s a perfect adornment for a set of keys and looks fantastic hanging on a school bag, making it a versatile gift.

Each keyring is presented in an elegant gift box with an internal pouch, ready to be gifted to the young horse lover in your life. This Horse Keyring is a thoughtful present that beautifully captures the spirit of equestrianism, making it an ideal addition to any young rider’s collection.

Soft-Touch Grooming Kit Set

The Soft-Touch Grooming Kit Set is an essential collection for any budding equestrian. This 9-piece set in a striking med blue and peacock colour scheme is perfect for use at home and in competitions. The kit includes a variety of brushes – a body brush, long-bristled and large dandy brushes, a face brush, and a mane & tail brush – each designed ergonomically for efficient grooming.

The rubber curry comb effectively removes tough dirt and mud, while the soft bristles of the body brush bring out a shine in the horse’s coat. The set also includes a hoof pick essential for daily care and a sweat scraper for post-wash care. All these tools are neatly packed in a vibrant and handy kit, making it an ideal gift for young equestrians to ensure their horse’s daily care routine is maintained to the highest standard​​.

Equestrian Gloves

Ensure the young rider’s hands are protected and comfortable with the Atak Equus Equestrian Junior Gloves. These gloves are designed for a comfortable fit, making them ideal for young equestrians. They feature silicon grips, enhancing the rider’s grip in wet and dry conditions, crucial for maintaining control and safety while riding. The durable fabric ensures the gloves withstand the rigours of regular riding and horse care. These gloves are a practical and stylish gift, combining functionality with comfort, and are suitable for everyday riding and competitions. With their longevity and adaptability to various conditions, the Atak Equus Equestrian Junior Gloves are an excellent choice for any young horse enthusiast looking to enhance their riding experience​​.

This Christmas, gift the young equestrian in your life something they’ll cherish. Each item on this list has been chosen to celebrate their love for horses and riding, ensuring a merry and bright holiday season.

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