The Typhur Thermometer: A Reliable Companion for Accurate Temperature Measurement

The cooking thermometer lets you know the temperature of preparation for perfect cooking. There are two types: the cooking probe and the infrared thermometer. So get ready; this article will guide you to the best cooking thermometers and will help you make your choice!

Why buy a cooking thermometer?

It is believed that the cooking thermometer is helpful only when you are a great chef. This is obviously a received idea! Whether it’s daily menus or for special occasions, cooking is of paramount importance in the appreciation of a dish. Undercooked or overcooked, food can quickly become inedible, and the meal spoiled. Buying a cooking thermometer thus allows perfect control, whether it is meat or a dessert.

What are the different types of cooking thermometers?

There are devices specially designed to take the temperature of caramel, jam or sauces, but I will focus on the two main models of thermometers in the kitchen:

The cooking probe 

InstaProbe food thermometer is to be inserted into the preparation in order to measure the core temperature of meat, chocolate, and liquid. To use it, stick the thermometer in a fleshy part and thick, if possible, in the centre of the room, for five to ten seconds. The temperature is automatically displayed on the small screen associated with the probe. 

The infrared thermometer

This type of cooking thermometer, which looks like a gun, does not come into contact with food. The temperature collected is that of the surface of the food, so they are not intended for cooking meat, for example. 

To use it, pull the trigger. A laser beam will then come out of the device; you just have to aim at the food whose temperature you want to know for one or two seconds, then release the trigger. The food temperature will be displayed on the thermometer’s digital display. 

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a cooking thermometer?

cooking thermometer

To choose the right cooking thermometer according to your needs, several criteria must be taken into account:


The more accurate the thermometer, the better. Prefer a qualitative thermometer allowing you to follow the cooking without there being a significant difference between two measurements.


To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to be well-informed about the compatibility of the thermometer because some do not adhere to induction.


Depending on its use, specific models should be preferred. The probe is the best choice if we want to use it for all of our preparations.


Depending on the thermometer model, the performance is not the same. Some may start at 0°C and others at 30°C. Inquire or read the guidelines on how you can properly use your food thermometer.

In conclusion

A cooking thermometer is an indispensable tool that empowers both amateur cooks and seasoned chefs to achieve culinary excellence.  By providing accurate temperature measurements, it enables precise control over the cooking process, ensuring that every dish is prepared to perfection.  Whether you opt for a cooking probe or an infrared thermometer, selecting a model that aligns with your needs and preferences is essential. 

Remember to prioritize accuracy, compatibility, versatility, and performance when making your choice. Embracing a reliable cooking thermometer will undoubtedly enhance your cooking prowess, allowing you to consistently create delectable and flawlessly cooked meals for your enjoyment and the delight of others.

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