The Summer is the time to think about your heating!

This may sound like a very silly idea, but there is a logic behind it. No matter what sort of heating you may have in your home or heating you may wish to convert to, the summer is by far the best time to think about it and get anything done that needs doing. The problem is most people do not think like this and wait until the first cool nights of autumn, and by then, it can be too late.

Gas Fire Servicing

Gas Fire

Not a glamorous subject, but gas fire servicing is an important one. Gas fires are safe and generally a very good option for any home, but they do need to be serviced to remain so. Gas leaks are clearly a very bad thing, but the less well-known risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is perhaps even more important. By getting your fire serviced each year, you are helping to ensure your own safety. However, getting it serviced right about the time you want to start using it can be risky. Firstly a problem may be found that needs a new part of a replacement fire; if it is cold, you will then have to live with it. If you service the fire in the summer, any issues that come up can be dealt with at a time when you don’t need the fire. The more direct risk is if you start using the fire after a long summer before it has been serviced, you may be risking your safety because an issue won’t be found until the busy servicing people can get to you, which could be weeks or months in the autumn and winter.

Stove and Fire Installation

Wood burning stove

This is certainly a more exciting subject. You have finally decided to get a brand new fire or perhaps change an old gas fire for a cosy traditional cast iron radiator or new wood-burning stove. You probably thought about it in the winter, forgot about it over the summer, and now you are looking to get it all fitted and working before it gets too cold. Well, sadly, you may well have to wait quite a long time. The fact of the matter is, everyone thinks like that, and it means there is a mad rush the second we have a chilly night at the end of the summer. Before you know it, you will be hoping it gets installed before Christmas rather than before winter. The key here, once again, is to do all of this in the summer. The people who install fires won’t be so busy, and the turnaround time may well be less than half the time in the autumn. You can then light the fire on those nippy October evenings, smug in the knowledge that everyone else is desperately trying to get their fire fitted.

Boiler Servicing

Boiler service

Much like gas fires, gas boilers have the potential to be quite dangerous if left unserviced, but thankfully issues are rare. Where boilers really cause issues is when they go wrong or are condemned by the people servicing them, leaving the home without heating OR hot water. It is perhaps later that really hits home, especially for people with small children. Of course, boilers are used all year round but people still tend to think about servicing before they put the central heating system on in the Autumn and once again, this leads to big waiting times and the potential of being without heat and hot water when it is cold outside. Let’s face it, in the summer, the kids can have a swim at the local outdoor pool or a bit of a wash in the paddling pool, but in the winter, it’s a lot harder. It is also important to make sure you choose a gas safe registered company to service your fire.

Other Household Jobs

It is not just heating that can benefit from a little bit of summer lovin’, though. Things like gutters are just perfect for doing in the summer before they are really needed again. Drains are another big one, you may have an outdoor drain that isn’t really draining very well, but in good weather, you forget to think about it. It is only when the rain starts in autumn that you remember and…guess what? So does everyone else. Companies like are easy to find and are able to get issues like this cleared up any time of the year, so why wait until the weather forces your hand?

Don’t let winter get the drop on you, plan ahead and get cosy when the colder weather comes. Summer has always been a time to prepare for winter, but that idea seems to have slipped away, leaving us at risk of some cold nights!

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