The Bonus of Having Serviced Apartments

When most people think of serviced apartments, they usually imagine a cramped studio with a fold-out bed and little else. While this may be the case for some serviced apartments, many provide all the amenities of a top-rated hotel. Serviced apartments have many benefits that hotels simply cannot match. This is certainly true of the serviced apartments in Philadelphia.

Spacious Apartments

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One of the biggest benefits of serviced apartments is the amount of space that they provide. A typical hotel room is only around 300 square feet, whereas a serviced apartment can be over 800 square feet. This extra space can make a big difference when spending extended periods in an apartment, as it allows you to spread out and feel more comfortable.

With extra space, we can spread out and work from the apartment or have more room for a growing family. We can feel less boxed in with a more spacious environment and accommodate some of the comforts of home we will want to take along.

It is a good mental space to be in, not to feel cluttered. It relaxes the mind all the more and helps us enjoy our environment. We can invite friends over and have more space to party with them. They will enjoy visiting you at a nice location that has attractions to visit at the same time. We should consider that when picking the location for our apartment.

Kitchen Facilities

Another advantage of serviced apartments is the kitchen. While most hotel rooms come with a small fridge and microwave, serviced apartments have full-sized kitchens with all the amenities of a home. This means you can save money by cooking your meals instead of eating out daily. Serviced apartments also usually have a washer and dryer, so you can avoid the hassle and expense of using a laundromat.

It can save money, offer variety, and a taste of home, to have a kitchen area where you can cook your food. This is ideal for long-stay hotel guests or those just looking to stay on more of a budget. Eating out inside a hotel or out can be expensive, particularly if you have a big family to feed. If any of your family has particular dietary requirements, it can help to take care of the food yourself. Then you can be guaranteed nobody’s allergy will become an issue during your trip away.

Improved Customer Service

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Finally, serviced apartments typically have better customer service than hotels. This is because serviced apartments are usually smaller businesses focused on providing a personal touch to their guests. On the other hand, hotel chains often have hundreds of employees and are, therefore, less able to provide individualized attention.

The service you receive is everything when you are staying somewhere. Good service makes things so much easier. It takes away the chores and makes life more enjoyable and convenient. It is worth paying that bit extra to have more services to take advantage of. The more we add, the easier life can be in our new temporary or long-term living arrangement.

Serviced apartments offer hotel-like amenities and services for a fraction of the cost. They are perfect for business travellers, families on vacation, or anyone who needs an extended stay in a new city. Whether you’re looking for a studio apartment or a three-bedroom suite, serviced apartments have something to offer everyone. And thanks to the ever-growing popularity of serviced apartments, there are now options all over the world. Serviced apartments should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a place to stay that offers more than just a bed and bathroom.

The Bonus of Having Serviced Apartments 1

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