The best Super Bowl venues to travel to

The NFL’s annual Superbowl game attracts fans from all across the world and is always staged from a previously labelled neutral venue that is home to any one of the 32 teams that play in the league throughout the season, with some venues earning the wider plaudits from fans and celebs alike for their breathtaking appeal and immense atmosphere.

The 2022/23 NFL regular season is now reaching its conclusion, with several renowned franchises already booking their places for a spot in the post-season, as the league’s top-ranked teams will soon face off for a chance to earn a trip to Superbowl LVII, that is scheduled to be housed at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Several teams have emerged as the quintessential favourites to win the Vince Lombardi trophy this year, with the latest Superbowl odds, presented by Draft Kings, stating that AFC rivals Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills are the major contenders at +380 odds respectfully, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles at +550.

When deciding on whether making the trip to Superbowl LVII is well worth all the hassle for any such endeavour, it is important to look at the current venue that will host this year’s event as well as other venues that are set to house the event in the years to come, as a means to decipher on what qualities these stadiums provide and their overall appealing factors for fans across the world.

State Farm Stadium – Glendale, Arizona

Super Bowl venues

As previously stated, this venue will host the upcoming Superbowl LVII game that features the very best teams from the two rivalling NFL conferences, marking this as one of the world’s most highly anticipated sporting events of the calendar year.

This year’s event will surely be a barnstormer of a contest on the field. It will also make for excellent family-fun entertainment throughout the game as popular pop artist Rhianna has announced that she will be the headline for the prestigious Superbowl Half-Time show. 

The venue seats around 72,000 fans and has plenty of parking space in and around the stadium, making this a convenient spot for families looking to earn seating.

The state of Arizona has always provided fans with great weather and a tremendous venue that has housed the Arizona Cardinals franchise for several years, with State Farm Stadium also earning plaudits for its recent renovation in 2017 and its tremendous atmosphere that is present across any NFL gameday, making this a worthy venue to house the sports’ most highly touted occasions.

Parents searching for a great weekend out with their sports-mad kids or family members should book their tickets for this event, as it is usually well worth the hype and can always provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas, Nevada

Allegiant Stadium

This is one of the newest and most impressive stadiums in the NFL. Many fans are already donning this venue with the appropriately named ‘Death Star’ nickname due to its black and silver lighting and daunting appeal.

This outstanding venue is located on the edge of the famous Las Vegas strip and is home to the historic Raiders franchise that recently relocated to ‘Sin City’ from Oakland. This stadium is now set to host next year’s Superbowl game to the delight of all fans.

Those looking to travel out to Vegas for the game will be treated with all the luxuries that this renowned tourist spot provides on a nightly basis, as well as entering a stadium with a plethora of state-of-the-art facilities that attract the wandering gazes of any sports fanatic.

Vegas is already a highly popular city to house the overall hype surrounding Superbowl weekend. Yet, this stadium is simply a must-have attraction to host the game, which all fans should be raring to attend.

Caesars Superdome – New Orleans, Louisiana

Caesars Superdome

The city of New Orleans is one of the country’s most beloved tourist destinations thanks to the amazing cuisine, landmarks and music, with football also remaining as one of the city’s most highly touted commodities.

The Saints are one of the NFL’s most respected organizations. Their home venue, the Caesars Superdome, showcases the city’s sheer passion directed towards the sport, as this stadium has hosted the Superbowl on several different occasions.

With its remarkable exterior and interior appeal, convenient location and welcoming clientele, this ranks as one of the best upcoming stadiums to host the Superbowl in the coming years as the NFL continues to find great success in hosting the game within the glamourous city of New Orleans.

There is simply no other selling point needed for any fans of the sport to attend this rendition of the Superbowl game other than it is at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, which will have fans flocking through concessions as soon as the gates open on February 9th, 2025.  

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