The Beauty of Established Trees: Where to Find and How to Care For Them

In a world filled with bustling cities and changing landscapes, the allure of established trees remains unwavering. With each passing season, they paint the surroundings with vibrant hues, inviting the world to pause and marvel at their timeless beauty. Imagine stepping into a landscape where the air is crisp, the sun’s rays filter through lush foliage, and the melody of birdsong fills your ears. At the heart of this natural oasis stand towering giants, their branches reaching toward the sky in a graceful dance. 

These established trees can transform any environment into a living masterpiece with their remarkable beauty and awe-inspiring presence. Their importance extends far beyond aesthetics, providing immeasurable value and environmental benefits. Do you aspire to find the perfect addition to your landscape or nurture the majestic trees already gracing your surroundings? This guide unveils invaluable tips and insights to help your quest. 

Finding Established Trees

Established Trees

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Are you looking to transform your landscape into a lush oasis? You can find established trees and transfer them to your garden in several places.

1. Nurseries and Garden Centers

Local nurseries and garden centers are the best place you can find established trees for sale. Here, amidst a tapestry of colors and fragrances, you’ll discover many established trees, each with its own story. There are diverse sizes and species, a feast for the senses and a playground for your imagination. Select with the intention of your preferences, and your home’s unique landscape shall guide your choice.

Seek counsel from the knowledgeable keepers of these sanctuaries, who possess a wealth of wisdom to guide you on this verdant journey. As you visit these emporiums of greenery, you may find the perfect tree to transform your landscape into a breathtaking masterpiece.

2. Online Nurseries

In the digital realm, you can find online nurseries dedicated to curating and delivering established trees of unparalleled splendour. Picture trees adorned with robust root systems, carefully nurtured to perfection, just a click away. These online nurseries have a stunning array of specimens, carefully nurtured with well-developed root systems, ready to be transplanted into your garden. 

But tread cautiously, for these online nurseries may have hidden gems and treacherous pitfalls. Choose your nursery wisely, finding reputable sellers who guarantee the health and vitality of their trees. Use online nurseries as a guide to the perfect sapling. With secure shipping methods, your dreams shall become a testament to nature’s resilience.

3. Tree Farms

The Beauty of Established Trees: Where to Find and How to Care For Them 1

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Imagine a magical land where tree whisperers work their green-fingered magic, nurturing a diverse cast of magnificent trees at every stage of their journey. These tree farms cultivate an awe-inspiring collection of species. Are you curious to embark on your tree-seeking adventure? Take a moment to explore and discover if any of these enchanting arboreal havens are nestled near your very own location.

4. Local arborists or Tree Care Companies

You can uncover established trees by seeking tree arborists and tree care companies. These skilled individuals often uproot mature trees from one place and lovingly transplant them to new homes. 

Contact these tree whisperers; they may be the key to unlocking a world of magnificent arboreal wonders. Inquire with these guardians, and you might stumble upon the majestic tree of your dreams, ready to grace your piece of earth with its timeless beauty. Tree services are crucial for maintaining the health and aesthetics of our urban and natural environments. If you’re looking for a company that offers these services, you can avail the services of professional Lewiston ME Tree Company.

Caring for Established Trees

Established trees

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Different ways to care for your established tree and ensure optimum growth exist.


If you’re the caretaker of a towering tree with roots that stretch deep into the earth’s embrace, you may need to water them. While these wise beings boast impressive root systems, they, too, have their thirst. During dry spells, your sacred duty is to quench their longing for water. Don’t be fooled by appearances, for true nourishment lies in the depths. Delve deep into the tree’s realm, reaching the same root zone, and shower it with overhead sprinklers. Let the water trickle down, cascading through the soil until it reaches the hidden roots below. Honouring this sacred ritual ensures the tree’s vitality, keeping it strong and resilient in the face of arid challenges. 


A blanket of organic mulch, carefully applied, can guard moisture, regulate the soil’s temperament, and suppress weeds. As time passes, this layer of organic matter decomposes, offering its nourishing essence to the soil and enriching the tree’s domain. It is a rhythmic cycle where nature’s gift returns to the earth, fostering growth and vitality. Remember, when adorning your tree’s base with mulch, grant it a few inches of space, honouring its majesty while preserving its delicate bark. This symbiotic partnership between earth and tree helps balance moisture and temperatures. 


With keen eyes and a heart attuned to nature’s rhythms, prune the trees to remove the lifeless, wounded, and plagued branches. Pruning can transform the tree’s crown, allowing the breeze to caress its boughs and air to flow through its canopy. But if uncertainty lingers, seek the wisdom of an arborist. These masters of their craft will bestow upon you professional guidance. Together, you will breathe new vitality into the tree’s essence, ensuring its resilience against the fury of storms. Prune the established tree to reveal its true magnificence for all to behold.


Typically, established trees require little intervention in the form of fertilization. However, the tree can show signs of waning vitality, a hint of nutrient deficiency in its form. A solution is a slow-release, balanced fertilizer, carefully applied following the instructions from its manufacturer. However, subject the soil to some testing before applying the fertilizer. Through this process, you will know the specific needs of the tree’s nutrients, guiding your hand in nourishing its very core. When the tree whispers its needs, respond with the nourishing touch of fertilizer, restoring its strength and vitality. Let the symbiotic bond between caretaker and tree flourish as the tree blossoms in gratitude, forever rooted in your care.

Pest and Disease Management

Established Trees

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A watchful eye can become your shield against the stealthy invaders of pests and the silent whispers of lurking diseases. Should you uncover any hints of trouble, seek the counsel of an arborist who is well-versed in the language of trees. 

Alternatively, turn to the local extension service, which can be a beacon of knowledge in horticulture. You can unravel the mysteries that affect your established tree and unveil the treatment for the disease. This partnership between humans and nature can help safeguard the beauty and vitality of your cherished trees.

Bottom Line

There is a captivating diversity that exists in established trees. Each tree species has unique needs and preferences and adapts to its environment in extraordinary ways. As a custodian of these trees, I recognize the nuances that govern their well-being. While some trees thrive in a tropical climate’s warmth, others need a temperate zone’s crisp coolness. Factors such as soil composition, sunlight exposure, and rainfall patterns shape their care requirements. Consult a guild of tree experts to guide you on your journey to nurture and cherish the established trees in your landscape.

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