Tesco Blossom Range for the New or Expectant Mum

Mother’s Day can sometimes be a tricky one for the expectant Mum or the newborn Mum but take it from one who has been there (twice) one thing which will always go down a storm is something which Mum can pamper herself with. Expectant and newborn Mums can often feel tired, unattractive and a like their body has been run over. As well as all the aches and pains that go with an over-exerted body, there are stretch marks which can be painful, unsightly and downright depressing. Legs can often feel hot and tired, then there’s the feet which resemble Big Foot!!

Tesco Blossom Range

Tesco Blossom is an affordable beauty range aimed at expectant and newborn Mums, the range includes pampering products like Indulgent Tummy Butter, Tired Leg Spray and Foot Soak Crystals. The product which most Mums would be happy to receive is the Tesco Blossom Stretch Mark cream which won Gold Award at the Mother & Baby Awards in November for Best Maternity Skincare product and at only £3 it is a total bargain. The whole range is extremely affordable at under £4.50 per product.

What are you waiting for? Mother’s Day is the THIS Sunday 18th March – go on, make Mummy’s day!!

DISCLAIMER: I was sent products from the Tesco Blossom Range for the purpose of this post. All words and opinions are my own.

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