• The Two Sides to Private Academic and Music Tuition

    There is no doubt we have a wide range of schools in this country when it comes to quality. We even have a wide range of quality within some schools when it comes to certain subjects. On top of that every child is different, they have different skills sets, attention spans, difficulties and more. So, […]

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  • Letts SATs Success

    New look Letts KS2 SATs Success Revision Books

    Lillie has just moved into Year 5 and already we can feel the clock ticking away on her Key Stage 2 journey. Some of her friends have already started additional tutoring sessions in preparation for taking their SATs and the 11+. Lillie has been sent a selection of the new design Letts KS2 SATs Success […]

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  • Charity

    Teaching your child about those less fortunate

    As parents, we all want to keep our children safe from, and ignorant of, the atrocities, injustices and daily battles that families – just like us – face every day. It’s not fair to burden them with such worries, right? However, just as you begin to teach your child morals, manners and compassion, it’s absolutely […]

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