• Avoiding the winter bugs and viruses . . . 1

    Avoiding the winter bugs and viruses . . .

    As you might have seen from my post yesterday, our Christmas was a little blighted by the winter bugs and viruses which are doing the rounds. There’s nothing worse than being poorly over the Christmas period, you spend weeks (or months) preparing for the big day, you spend hours wrapping presents, writing cards and planning […]

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  • There’s still time to win £500!!!

    Somewhere in most people’s photograph collection will be a picture like this which they think is (one of) the cutest pictures ever taken of their child. Tomorrow this little bundle of joy will be four years old so she is too old to be entered into the competition but that doesn’t mean that I can’t […]

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  • 066/366 – Sterimar Baby

    Today, Beanie Boy and I had a trip down to London to meet with Sterimar Baby as we can proudly announce that we have been selected to be Sterimar Baby Ambassadors along with Emma, Emily, Emma and Sarah. We had a fab day in London meeting the Brand Manager for Sterimar Baby and the team, […]

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