• #Monchhichi

    Monchhichi’s for a blast from the past!

    When I visited the Toy Fair at Olympia way back at the beginning of this year there was one toy which jumped right off the shelf at me, the Monchhichi!! With the whole ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ vibe right now it’s great to see some old favourite toys making a comeback too. The three younger Beans […]

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  • Little Bean

    An interview with Little Bean aged 6 years 9 months

    A few weeks ago I decided to do something a little different on the blog with regards to the Beans. I wanted something that we could look back on in year’s to come and hopefully raise a few smiles over or even stifle a few giggles. Such is the mind of children as they change […]

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  • Christmas

    Memories of Christmas past . . .

    When you think of Christmasses gone by, what memories spring to mind? Do you reminisce over time spent with family and loved ones, do you smile at the thought of gifts received or special celebrations? For me Christmas has always been about family. Up until the age of 11 my Mum and I lived with […]

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  • grass cuttings

    Primary School Flashback!

    Yesterday as I walked passed the Primary School playing fields to collect Beanie Boy from Preschool I spotted this and it reminded me of my Primary School days, racing out onto the playing fields when the grass had been cut to see who could collect the most grass cuttings and create the biggest fort. At […]

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  • NORAD Tracks Santa is now even better! 1

    NORAD Tracks Santa is now even better!

    If you haven’t heard of NORAD before then “where have you been hiding?”. If you have children who believe in Santa then you really need to be paying attention right now! Every year millions of people tune into NORAD to track Santa’s movements on Christmas Eve, my children watch it and they completely buy into […]

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