• Jelly Bean

    A new found confidence for Jelly Bean

    This morning Jelly Bean and I finally made it back to the Music class we were attending regularly before the Summer holidays kicked in. We had every good intention of getting back to it as soon as the new school year began in September but somehow something has cropped up each week preventing us. After […]

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  • #kidsinthekitchen

    #kidsinthekitchen activities – Week 2

    So, did you manage to do any of the #kidsinthekitchen activities last week? Here’s the next 5 for this week. Let me know how you get on . . .   This is something that we do quite often as one of our favourite books is called “The Paper Dolls” – read it, it’s lovely!! […]

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  • Review: Zeamu Music CD

    How often are you driving along in your car, merrily listening to a new CD when suddenly an expletive blasts out and you hit the ‘off’ button as fast as your fingers will allow you in the vain hope that your children didn’t hear it. That happened to Hubby just a few weeks ago whilst […]

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  • Review: Justin and Friends Easter Tour (Nottingham) 1

    Review: Justin and Friends Easter Tour (Nottingham)

    On Friday I took the tiddlers to see Justin & Friends at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena. Justin seems to cast a magical spell over children everywhere, they just LOVE HIM! Little Bean first introduced me to Mr Tumble when she was a toddler, she still loves him now and has introduced her little brother Beanie […]

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  • Beanie Boy would LOVE this!!

    Yes my little man is STILL Justin obsessed! He watches his Justin DVD’s, listen’s to his Justin CD’s, sticks stickers in his Justin Sticker Book and runs to the Mr Tumble Doll and Bag in the toy aisle every single time we visit our local supermarket! So I’m thinking that this will soon be on […]

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  • Hands Up for Justin Fletcher!

    I do remember a conversation many moons ago when talking to a bunch of Mummy friends about famous guys who we fancied saying “who’s he?” when the name Justin Fletcher came up.  I thought he was some movie hunk that I had missed out on but actually he’s a children’s TV personality who is now […]

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