Summer Styling Made Simple For The Man In Your Life

Many of us take an interest in our partners’ fashion choices, and we enjoy going shopping with them and buying clothing. If you’re keen to update your partner’s wardrobe for summer, this guide is packed with tips and tricks to make summer styling simple. 

Switch to cool, lightweight fabrics

It’s not always possible to rely on the weather, but during the summer, temperatures rise, and it can get hot and sticky. When it’s warm or muggy, it’s an excellent idea to opt for lightweight fabrics, which help to keep the body cool and enhance comfort. Linen and cotton are ideal for tops, trousers, shorts and suits. If you’re going to an occasion, for example, a wedding or a day at the races, take a look at linen suits as an alternative to more traditional, conventional styles. Cotton t-shirts, vests and short-sleeved shirts are perfect for casual, daytime dressing

Build a capsule wardrobe

Building a capsule wardrobe is one of the most effective ways to put stylish outfits together quickly and easily. It can also help to lower the cost of buying clothes and make transitioning from one season to the next seamless. To start, add basics, classic pieces and essentials such as tees, lightweight jeans, linen trousers and shorts, and cotton shirts. Next, invest in a few seasonal, on-trend additions. Examples may include printed shirts, co-ords, coloured trousers and a bright polo. Mix and match items to create new looks. Team a classic designer Alexander McQueen T shirt with tailored trousers and an oversized denim shirt and sliders for an effortlessly chic look for daytime drinks. Add a fitted blazer, a thin belt, and a pair of slip-on loafers from Del Toro Shoes for the evening. Opt for versatile basics and keep updating your wardrobe to introduce new trends.

Switch up the colour palette

Summer Styling

Summer is a season that offers golden opportunities to wear different colours and glide between bold brights and understated neutrals. This summer, why not encourage your other half to experiment with striking, on-trend colours like purple and orange and embrace earthy tones and crisp shades of white, beige and sand? They can mix and match subtle and vivid colours together, add pops of colour to lift neutral basics, or go all-out and dress in top-to-toe brights. Choosing colours is not just important for putting outfits that look amazing together. The colours we wear can also impact our mood. Bright colours energise and uplift us and make us happy, while muted tones can have a calming, relaxing effect. It’s also beneficial to think about skin tone when choosing colours. Some people suit certain colours better than others, and this can affect confidence. 

Summer is here, and it’s time to freshen up your partner’s wardrobe and embrace new trends. If you’re going shopping together, or you’re keen to offer some styling tips, look for cool, lightweight fabrics and easy-to-wear pieces and build a warm-weather capsule wardrobe. Switch up the colour palette to include chic, crisp neutrals and on-trend shades of orange, brown and purple. 

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