Stressful Home Environment: Top 8 Things That May Be Stressing You Out In Your Home

Life can cause a lot of stress for many people. However, sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons you always feel so stressed. A key area to examine is your home environment. There is an obvious problem if you find out when you come home and can’t relax.

After all, stress’s effects on your blood pressure are not great for your physical and mental health. If you feel stressed at home and you cannot put your fingers as to why then these tips are for you. 

Any Uncomfortable Furniture

Stressful Home Environment: Top 8 Things That May Be Stressing You Out In Your Home 1

It might be time to replace that uncomfortable couch you cannot relax on after a long day at work. There is nothing worse than being on your feet all day and coming home to try to unwind on sofa pillows that make your neck hurt. The best solution is to replace that sofa with a more comfortable alternative from a reputable furniture company.

After all, if you feel you don’t have anywhere comfortable to retreat, your stress levels will not go down when you get home, the one place you should be able to relax fully. 

It’s not just your sofa you should assess. Check out your mattress, armchairs and even any desk chairs you may have. After all, life is too short to be uncomfortable in your home environment. 

Bright Or Busy Patterns

The decoration possibilities are endless for your home decor, particularly your walls. Although it might be tempting to let your imagination run wild and go with a rainbow explosion colour scheme, that decor can ultimately be too busy for your eyes. 

As exciting as it is to be an adult who can make any decision they like regarding their home environment if your eyes are too busy shooting around the room, trying to de-stress after a long day could be a challenge. 

Maybe it’s time to repaint those brightly patterned yellow walls and opt for a more calming solid light colour, which will help create a sense of relief in your surroundings.

Too Much Darkness 

Stressful Home Environment

Does your home lack enough natural light? That may be why you feel low when you come home, particularly if you are already working in a small space.

Although if your home is designed so that you cannot add more natural light without making costly structural changes, there is an alternative way of doing so. An easy trick is to add a mirror to your space. The bigger, the better. 

This will help reflect any natural light you may already have whilst simultaneously tricking your mind into thinking your space is larger than it is. Two solutions in one!

The solution may also be that you require more lamps to add a brighter yet cosier atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing!

No Dedicated Work Spaces

Given the rise of working from home, many people have turned to using any space they can. However, this can cause issues with not knowing when to fully switch off as your brain begins associating that spot on the couch with being at work.

For this reason, setting up a dedicated workspace is important to help you achieve a clear work and home environment separation. If you don’t have an extra room that you could turn into an office space, then why not add a desk to a corner of your living room to create a dedicated working space? 

Clutter As Far As The Eye Can See

If your home is too cluttered with things, that may be a key reason why you can’t relax. Instead of chilling out on your couch, your eyes will constantly be making mental notes of everything around you: thoughts about things you need to do, things you need to put away and even thoughts about things you need to replace. 

The best thing to do is incorporate storage boxes where you can store things out of mind and out of sight. Although, make sure to dedicate one of those boxes to a place of things that shouldn’t be ignored, such as unpaid bills or event invitations. 

Too Many Unfinished Projects Lying Around


Another subconscious thing that may be stressing you out relating to clutter is if you have too many unfinished projects lying around. Although mentally, it might seem like a good idea to leave something lying around to remind yourself to go back to finish it, say even something as simple as a jigsaw. 

However, by leaving things just lying there, you will simply be adding more mental workload to yourself, causing you to potentially not even finish said project from the overwhelm. The solution is to store any projects away for a time when you feel more up to it. 

Far Too Much Comparison

Sometimes the things that cause us the most stress may be right in front of our noses. Social media can be the biggest source of stress for many people who forget that the things people post are simply the highlights of their lives. Therefore the comparison you form between your own life and theirs is not accurate or fair. So the best thing to do is to make sure you take some time away from your phone to relax away from any pressures you may feel. 

Stressful Home Environment: Top 8 Things That May Be Stressing You Out In Your Home 2

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