How To Stay Safe While Using Ridesharing Services

If you are like most people, you either use ridesharing services or know someone who does. They have become a convenient way to get around in the modern world. It removes the need to drive yourself, battling your way through the busy traffic.

How To Stay Safe While Using Ridesharing Services

It may be that you have become concerned about the safety aspects of using ridesharing services. If that is the case, this article will teach you how to stay protected.

What Are Ridesharing Services?

They are essentially taxi companies that use technology to match drivers with passengers. They operate similarly (but offer more flexibility) than traditional cab services. You pay less per ride when there is enough supply; fares drop due to competition between drivers competing for your business.

Rideshare users can request a driver through an app on their smartphone or by using the company’s website. Many rideshare services allow you to opt for different kinds of cars (ranging from economy sedans to luxury SUVs or even electric vehicles).

Check The Driver’s Profile

Always check the driver’s profile, rating, and reviews before getting into their car. Many unfortunately have photos taken from behind-the-wheel that don’t show them clearly enough for you to confirm who they are upon arrival. If the face doesn’t match, however, don’t enter the car but if you are already on your journey, ask to be dropped off at an intersection or other safe place and cancel the ride immediately. If there is any suspicion about the driver, call 911 and share as much information as possible.

Avoid sharing any personal information like your name, address, or phone number until after safely reaching your destination. Check that your driver is not intoxicated beforehand by taking a look at them and smelling alcohol on their breath. If they are under the influence you stand at risk of being involved in a road accident. The internet provides lots of information to put your mind at rest regarding this subject. You can learn about safety while riding with Uber, and also how trial lawyers can help you claim compensation should an accident occur. It is possible to obtain live chats online or request free case evaluations, and to access ‘no win no fee’ agreements for legal assistance. 

Check The Car

Avoid accepting rides from drivers who are not on an app (i.e. Uber) or who have a private vehicle. Check the car’s profile and license plates and don’t get into a car where the details don’t match or where there are tinted windows. 

Always take a picture of the driver’s license plate and send it to yourself, and make sure there is no one else in the car beside you and your driver. During the journey, use your smartphone to tell someone where you are and where you are going.

Take A Ride With Friends

If you are taking a ride alone, it is less risky to go with drivers who have ratings of at least four out of five stars. Better still, make sure there is another passenger joining your trip (especially if it is late at night) so the driver has two people he needs to get from point A to B instead of just one.

Should something go wrong during travel, both parties can communicate about what has just occurred. Having a friend with you increases accountability for drivers, making them more likely to follow the speed limit, take safety precautions and be generally aware of their passengers.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

ridesharing services

Make sure you know where you are going from start to finish on your journey, so you can quickly identify anything strange. This would include wrong turns or if the driver ignores your requests.

If you use a ridesharing service whilst you are under the influence of alcohol you will be more vulnerable. It would be easier for the driver to take advantage of you, and you would be less aware of the route you were taking.

Sit In The Backseat

Riders should sit in the back seat for safety reasons and shouldn’t talk on cellphones or text when being picked up by a driver. Seatbelts should be worn at all times during the journey. Passengers should also refrain from having loud conversations since they could distract the driver. Also, keep your valuables out of sight so they don’t tempt thieves.

If you put these recommendations into practice you will feel safer and more confident on your journeys. Then you can enjoy your trips, reaping the benefits that ridesharing services have to offer you.

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