Squeezing out the last days of summer . . .

If I’m completely honest, when it comes to holidays I’m not normally very good at picking the weeks for good weather (well not for the UK holidays anyway). But last week when we went to stay in Somerset we had the best weather possible and were even luckier that it lasted through the weekend and into the start of this week.


On Monday we had planned to visit one of my best friends and Beanie Boy’s godmother in Skegness, what better day and weather could we have chosen for a day at the seaside.


I love getting together with MumtoC and C, we always have a lovely time and I just love to see Little Bean and C playing together. Ok they still have the odd little squabble but its never anything major and its usually forgotten within minutes. MumtoC only lives a 5 minute walk from the beach so where else would we head to spend a day in the sunshine? This was our first time out with C and Little Bean out of pushchairs and I’m pleased to say that it was mainly a success (providing you don’t count Little Bean tripping up on the way home and scraping her knee).

And the best thing about a day at the seaside? A peaceful journey home!



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