Some Alternatives to Buying a Family Car

Nowadays, people care less about their attachment to cars and more about convenience and affordable service. This Netflix-style approach to car ownership works well for many families who struggle with financing a private vehicle or want to avoid the responsibility of it.   

Car Financing 

Alternatives to Buying a Family Car
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Naturally, one of the best alternatives to owning a family car is to get one on a finance. Hire purchase agreements have been around for a while and are popular with people who like to drive a nice-looking car without worrying about maintenance costs or selling the vehicle. 

To obtain and sign a hire purchase agreement, you need to qualify for finance by proving that you have manageable credit. If you want a family car on a hire purchase agreement, the first thing to ask is, Can I Get Car Finance, and what cars are available?

Car Clubs 

Car clubs are becoming a thing in many places. A car club is a community service in which cars are available to residents of an area. Instead of everyone in the community owning a private car that they park in the driveway, they can walk to a location and choose one to drive. 

Car clubs are set to rise in popularity as many housebuilders request this infrastructure; car clubs reduce the number of parking spaces a builder needs to provide and can increase the floor space of a property. Car clubs are also cheaper and more environmentally friendly overall.   

Car Sharing 

Sometimes called carpooling, car sharing is another form of non-ownership. For an effective car sharing set-up, you will need to find a friend or family member to share the car ownership with and create a schedule. While it might not suit everyone, it can be a cheap and practical solution.   

The downside to car sharing is that the vehicle might come under additional stress since it’s used twice as often. Still, the upside is that vehicle repairs and maintenance are cheaper, it has less impact on the environment than two privately owned vehicles, and you save space.  

Car Leasing 

If you don’t have enough credit for a hire purchase agreement or want a more informal arrangement for your family vehicle, why not consider car leasing? Car leasing is offered as a service by many local garages and gives you full use of a family vehicle without the finances. 

Car leasing is ideal for individuals or families who need a working vehicle but don’t want the financial commitment of owning one. That said, many leasing companies will still want to see credit and financial data to check your suitability and affordability for a leasing agreement. 

Local Car Hire

Car clubs are becoming increasingly popular, but another option is local car hire. Technology is changing how people use cars, and financing is a consideration. With this in mind, some electric car companies now offer on-street rental solutions that allow you to hire a private vehicle for an hour or a day and pay for it using your bank card. It’s easy and affordable.  

Some Alternatives to Buying a Family Car 1

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