Singapore Math for Kindergarten

One of the most interesting things to come out of COVID-19 is the mass migration to homeschooling for the 2020 school year whether you call yourself a temporary, impromptu, or accidental homeschooler, welcome!  Almost all first-time homeschoolers are transitioning from other math programs, which means many of the same concerns and questions arise. This guide addresses those. As long as you spend just a little time on these two steps, you will set yourself up for a great homeschool math experience.

Which program is suitable for homeschooling? 

Singapore Math

E Singapore Math curriculum programs are suitable for homeschool and have been used with great success by the homeschool community for years. Our two main programs, Dimensions Math PK-5 and Primary Mathematics 1-5, each come with their advantages.

Essentially, Primary Mathematics is our original series and has decades of proven success. It’s often what people think of when they think of Singapore math. Dimensions Math PK-5 is our newer series that we created to improve aspects of the Singapore math experience. It features better design and more comprehensive teaching resources, all while maintaining the methods and rigour of the Singapore math approach. These days, most homeschoolers who have tried both prefer Dimensions Math. It’s delightful to use!

Placement & Grade Levels

Our grade levels align with those of U.S. schools. For example, Dimensions Math 1A and 1B are for first grade. Primary Mathematics 2A and 2B are for second grade.

However, giving your child a placement test is essential to ensuring success.

Many students start one-half grade behind when they switch to Singapore math. For example, a student starting Grade 5 might begin with 4B. This is okay! Erring on the side of review allows for a gentler transition. It gives room for settling back into the rhythm of school, which seems universally needed as school closures over spring 2021 meant one very long summer break this year.

Why are there A and B books?


This program divided the school year into two halves, or semesters: A and B.

What are all the books I’d need for one year of Dimensions Math?

As an example, the entire year of Dimensions Math Grade 1 core materials includes six books: Dimensions Math Textbook 1A, Dimensions Math Workbook 1A, Dimensions Math Teacher’s Guide 1A, Dimensions Math Textbook 1B, Dimensions Math Workbook 1B, and Dimensions Math Teacher’s Guide 1B you may optionally add Tests. In this case, the year would be rounded out by Dimensions Math Tests 1A, Dimensions Math Tests 1B

What are the books I need for one year of Primary Mathematics?

You will need the A and B Textbooks and Workbooks. We highly recommend having some teaching support in the form of Home Instructor’s Guides (designed for homeschool use) S.

As an example, Primary Mathematics for Grade 1 would include all these titles: Primary Mathematics Textbook 1A, Primary Mathematics Workbook 1A, Primary Mathematics Home Instructor’s Guide 1A, Primary Mathematics Textbook 1B, Primary Mathematics Workbook 1B, and Primary Mathematics Home Instructor’s Guide 1B.

What do we do for Kindergarten?

We have several Kindergarten options, including Dimensions Math, Essential Math, and Early-bird Math. Dimensions Math Kindergarten is the most substantial option, and we recommend it even if you plan to use Primary Mathematics from Grade 1 and above.

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