Shopkins Real Littles Review #ad

Favourite toy brand Shopkins have now released Series 2 of Shopkins Real Littles and this time they are in the freezer aisle.

Shopkins Real Littles

These are all the same brands that you would find in the supermarket like Slush Puppies, Wall’s and Kelloggs only in mini-form.  You can keep collecting them to create your own mini-supermarket at home.

Real Littles Stacey Cake’s Icy Treats Scooter

Shopkins Real Littles

Straight from the frozen aisle, you’ll find all your favourite frozen treats in little form.  You can buy your own mini-packs to recreate your own frozen food aisle inside your own home.

Sweet as you like Stacey Cake’s comes with her own little frozen friends Sami Strawberry Ice Cream and Lil’ Chip Cookie Sandwich.  Stacey Cakes is all dressed up and ready to ride with her own little scooter complete with a storage box for all the shopping she needs to do.

There are more than 50 Real Littles to collect from the frozen aisle so youngsters who love to play shopping and create their own little collection of characters will love all the cute food characters in branded packaging.

What’s Inside:

  • 1 x Shoppie Doll
  • 1 x Scooter
  • 2 x Exclusive Mini Packs
  • 2 x Exclusive Shopkins
  • 1 x Doll Stand

RRP £29.99

Real Littles Lil Shopper Pack

Shopkins Real Littles Lil Shopper Pack

The Real Littles Lil Shopper pack contains Shopkins and Mini Packs from the frozen aisle to build up your collection and fill up your Collector’s Case.  Don’t forget to look out for the Special Edition Slush Puppies and Limited Edition Shiver Shopkins.

What’s Inside:

  • 8 x Mini Packs
  • 8 x Shopkins
  • 1 x Collector’s Guide

RRP £11.99

Real Littles Mini Packs

Shopkins Real Littles Mini Packs

The Real Littles Mini Packs come pre-packaged their own little bags but you don’t just tear open the bag and pull out your products!  You dunk your Real Littles Mini Packs in a bowl of water and swish it around.  Very quickly you will notice how the box inside melts away to reveal your Real Littles Minis hidden inside.

Will you find ice cream snacks or tubs, popsicles, slushies, frozen meals or something totally different? There are a few Limited Edition Frozen Shopkins to collect so you might get lucky.  Don’t worry if you get doubles, these are perfect to swap and share with your friends for double the fun.

What’s Inside:

  • 2 x Mini Packs
  • 2 x Shopkins
  • 1 x Collector’s Guide

RRP £3.99

What was in our Shopkins Real Littles Surprise Parcel?

We were lucky enough to receive a very special surprise box of Shopkins goodies timed perfectly with the closure of the schools.  The Beans couldn’t wait to dive in and see what Frozen goodies awaited them inside.

Who is Shopkins Real Littles for?

The Shopkins Real Littles range is aimed at children aged 5 years and over. If you have a youngster who loves role play, enjoys collecting things and has a great imagination then they will love the new characters and their cool packaging.  They could be played with alongside the Shoppie Dolls or used as ‘food’ for other dolls and toys in the home to add a new dimension to play.

Why not set up your own shop, create a price list and practice simple maths by selling items from your shop to friends and family.

Shopkins Real Littles are available from Smyths, Tesco, Entertainer and Asda.



Shopkins Real Littles

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