Secret Pal Gifts for the Office Secret Santa

Its that time of the year again at work, and the entire office is participating in that annual secret pal gifts for the office “Secret Santa” draw. Someone organizes the event, and everyone draws a name from a hat. You never know who you’ll get hopefully a best friend or family members maybe – or who contacts you as a Secret Pal — and finding an office gift within the Secret santa gift exchange budget can be maddening. Here are some great, simple, last minute perfect gift ideas for your office gift pool.

Perfect Secret Santa Presents you can buy today from your to-do lists within your spending limit listed below should you be on the train or in the car and suddenly remember that the Secret Pal gift exchange is today, try these very last-minute gift guides ideas:


Secret Pal Gifts for the Office Secret Santa

Buy some high-quality Lindt chocolates, Green and Black’s or Hershey’s 70 per cent Cacao. Even mainstream stores such as CVS, Walgreen and Rite Aid carry these finer versions of chocolate. Buy a gift for £5 or so and look for a holiday theme, complete with tissue paper. Fill the bag with the chocolate, and you’re good to go as a unique gift or even as great stocking stuffers. 

Fine soaps 

Check out your local Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or major drug store chain for finer soaps, such as Dr Bronner’s or Crabtree & Evelyn as your secret pal gifts. Get a simple gift bag with tissue paper and buy eight to 10 bars of nice soap. Everyone uses soap, so the gift will be appreciated. The soap comes in a variety of colors and can add a personal touch and holiday cheer.

Wine bottles

Bottle of Wine

A bottle of wine can be a great secret santa gift during the holiday season. If you know in advance that they appreciate a nice wine especially if one of your friend group then a bottle of fine red or white wine will do the trick as a Secret Pal gift. For something a little more unusual, try a dessert wine or some Chilean wines from the Maipu valley. Most Wine stores carry nice wine gift bags made of velvet for a more finished look.

Secret Santa Ideas Under £10

Most office gift exchanges set a budget of anywhere from £5 to £10 for Secret Santa exchanges; the average seems to be around £10. So what can you get your secret santa recipient as a special gift for £10 or less that isn’t too personal, or that you can buy not knowing too much about your work colleague? Here are some specific suggestions that will make your present seem thoughtful maybe at the office party but a fun gift.

Lottery tickets

Buy £10 in scratch tickets and slip them in a card. They’re fun, but be prepared in advance if your colleague wins some money from your gift.

Fruit basket

Yes, it’s not very imaginative, but if your Secret Pal is trying to lose weight or be healthier, this is a good idea and much-appreciated gift.

Insulated coffee mugs for coffee or tea

Hedge your bets they enjoy hot drinks and give a nice travel mug, one box of green tea, and one bag of Starbuck’s

Breakfast Blend 

Stainless steel water bottles that are available in different colors are also a great gift for cold drinks and can be used at all time of year.

Gift card

Gift Card

A Gift card is a perfect secret santa gift for the local Cinema or Theater. Its a great option for a secret santa giftee as a lot of people and you could give two tickets and a £5 gift card for snacks.

Bookstore gift card

This is one of the best secret santa gift ideas if you can’t think of that perfect present. It could also be an online gift exchange for your secret pal day.

Solar-powered cell phone charger

You can find these for under £10 these days, and anyone with a dead cell battery knows how valuable this simple, slim item can be. Ideal for college students in the work place and social media. A leather mouse pad could also be on their wish list?

SD Cards or Thumb Drives

Everyone loses them. Every worker needs more. It’s a simple, useful techie gift for Secret Santa exchange.

White elephant gift exchanges

White Elephant Gift Idea

A white elephant gift exchange is a great way as a mystery item or sneaky secret santa gift within a group of friends. Ideas such as adult coloring books, acrylic paints, star wars fan memorabilia, a pair of socks, lip balm, hot sauce, party game, essential oils – the secret santa list is endless but all will bring some christmas cheer to the occasion so don;t make it hard work.


As its the season of giving part of the fun is the exchange gifts. Select that random name and find the best secret santa gifts you can find with your best wishes. The christmas break is around the corner – Ho Ho Ho! – so get your christmas tree up as “Merry Christmas” is quickly followed by a Happy New Year.

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