Stay Cosy and Stylish: A Review of Lands’ End Women’s Winter Essentials

Today, I’m excited to share my thoughts on two Lands’ End Women’s Winter essentials – the Wanderweight Ultralight Packable Hooded Maxi Down Coat and the Women’s Down Gilet. These two pieces have become my go-to options for staying warm and stylish during the chilly months. In this review, I’ll dive into the details of each item and why they should be on your winter wishlist.

Women’s Wanderweight Ultralight Packable Hooded Maxi Down Coat

Lands' End Women's Winter Essentials

When the temperatures start to plummet, it’s essential to have a reliable winter coat that keeps you warm and complements your style. I can go from doing the school run, popping to the supermarket, standing on the sidelines at football and walking the dogs. One minute, I’ll be too hot to wear a coat; the next, I will be freezing and want to wrap up warm—the Women’s Wanderweight Ultralight Packable Hooded Maxi Down Coat from Lands’ End checks all the boxes.

Design and Style (5/5)

Lands’ End has struck the perfect balance between fashion and function with this coat. The sleek and modern design and the maxi length add an elegant touch. The hood is a bonus, providing extra warmth and protection on those windy winter days.

Warmth (5/5)

Despite its ultralight feel, this coat offers exceptional warmth. The down insulation keeps you toasty even in sub-zero temperatures. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight, ideal for daily wear and travel.

Packability (5/5)

Lands' End Women's Winter Essentials

One of the standout features of this coat is its packability. It conveniently folds into a small pouch, making it easy to carry and stow away when you don’t need it. Whether heading for a winter adventure or running errands, this coat is a space-saving lifesaver.

Durability (4/5)

Lands’ End is known for its quality, and this coat matches the brand’s reputation. While it’s made to last, the ultralight fabric may not be as rugged as some heavier winter coats. Still, with proper care, it should withstand several seasons.

Value for Money (4.5/5)

Lands' End Women's Winter Essentials

Considering its style, warmth, and versatility, the Women’s Wanderweight Ultralight Packable Hooded Maxi Down Coat offers excellent value for your money. It’s an investment in both fashion and comfort that you won’t regret.

Women’s Down Gilet

Lands' End Down Gilet

Now, let’s talk about the Women’s Down Gilet, another winter must-have from Lands’ End.

Design and Style (4/5)

This gilet boasts a simple and classic design. It’s perfect for layering over sweaters or under heavier coats. While it may not be as eye-catching as the Maxi Down Coat, its understated style is its charm. That said, I have worn this repeatedly since it arrived. It’s been perfect for the recent changeable weather when you don’t know if you need your coat or your sundress. I have been easily able to dress or down for the season of the day!!

Warmth (4.5/5)

Don’t underestimate the warmth of this gilet. The down filling provides excellent insulation for your core, keeping you cosy without the bulk of a full coat. It’s perfect for those days when you need a little extra warmth without sacrificing freedom of movement.

Versatility (5/5)

Winter essentials

The Women’s Down Gilet is incredibly versatile. You can wear it as a standalone piece on milder winter days or layer it under your favourite coat when the temperature drops further. It’s also available in various colours, allowing you to find the perfect match for your wardrobe.

Durability (4/5)

Similar to the Maxi Down Coat, this gilet is well-constructed but may require more care due to its lighter fabric. However, the quality of materials and craftsmanship ensure it can withstand regular use.

Value for Money (4.5/5)

Considering its versatility and ability to extend your winter wardrobe, the Women’s Down Gilet offers excellent value for money. It’s a practical addition that enhances your comfort and style throughout the season.


In conclusion, Lands’ End continues to impress with its winter offerings. The Women’s Wanderweight Ultralight Packable Hooded Maxi Down Coat and Women’s Down Gilet are standout pieces catering to different needs and styles. Whether you are seeking an elegant yet functional coat or a versatile layering option, Lands’ End has you covered. These winter essentials have earned their place in my wardrobe, and I’m confident they’ll do the same for you. Stay cosy and stylish this winter with Lands’ End!

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