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Mum & Me

Taking care of yourself is always important if you want to look good for as long as possible but never more so than when you are pregnant or have just had a baby. Growing a super-cute little bundle of joy definitely takes its toll on your body, dry skin and stretch marks are just some of the war wounds of pregnancy but there are products out there which can help. Cussons Mum & Me range of products aimed at Mums to be, new Mums and baby too are fab. I used them after my pregnancy with Beanie Boy and all the way through my pregnancy with Jelly Bean (purchased myself) and since Jelly Bean was born I have also been sent a sample of the range to review too.

My favourite products through pregnancy were the Bump Hydrate & Nourish Shower Cream which contains Avocado oil, Vitamin E and Grapeseed oil. It gently cleanses whilst hydrating and nourishing the skin. It has a dermatologist approved formula which provides hydration whilst showering, meaning skin is moisturised for up to 12 hours. I would use this and follow it up with Soothe & Nourish Body Lotion as well as Stretch Mark Cream to keep my growing bump hydrated. Jelly Bean was my biggest bump but I am happy to say I didn’t develop any new stretch marks. I also loved the Smooth & Glow Pregnancy Shampoo and Conditioners because they kept my hair looking lovely, even my hairdresser commented on the great condition of my hair.

Once Jelly Bean was here I used the New Mum range and again I loved the Hold the Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Being a Shampoo and Conditioner in one is ideal since you have to learn to shower pretty quickly when you have a baby to take care of. The post-pregnancy hormones are perhaps the worst part of pregnancy for me because they wreak havoc on your hair, your once voluminous, lustrous locks suddenly become dull and lifeless and you malt more than a dog in the Spring. The New Mum range of haircare is specially designed to boost volume and keep hair looking good and feeling great.

After three pregnancies it probably won’t surprise you to know that my tummy isn’t quite as ‘toned’ as it used to be, one day I might make it back into the gym but for now I’m just aiming for smooth-ish skin and a not-too-big muffin top. I am LOVING the New Mum Firming Butter which I have been using for about 3 weeks now and I am beginning to see a difference in my tummy area (NO I’m not going to show you, I’m not feeling that confident just yet!!) but what I will tell you is that my skin isn’t feeling quite so crêpe-like and it is looking smooth, firmer and healthier so that’s a big step in the right direction.

Now for Jelly Bean I have found a new product which we love, Baby Bath to Comfort Snuffles. We will be buying this one again as our little beans often suffer with snuffles and I can see more coming as Winter approaches. Baby Bath to Comfort Snuffles has a menthol fragrance which is perfect for clearing congestion before bedtime whilst gently cleansing and moisturising their delicate skin. This was a blessing when both Beanie Boy and Jelly Bean suffered from colds recently, it helped them to settle nicely at bedtime.

There are lots more items available in the range but these are just a pick of my favourites.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a sample of the range free of charge for the purpose of this post however I have bought many items from the range in the past myself. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.

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