Replace Your Carpets On a Budget

Replacing your carpets can be daunting and expensive, but with the right tips and tricks, a new carpet does not have to break the bank. This article will explore the best way to replace your carpets on a budget and not necessarily with a cheap carpet. We’ll look at techniques such as shopping around for the best carpet deals, using cost-effective materials and utilising DIY solutions. We’ll also offer advice on preparing for carpet installation without spending too much on carpet installers.

Get your measurements

Replace Your Carpets

Accurate measurements are essential to ensure you’re getting the right fit for your room. Taking the time to measure your space can help you save money and reduce waste by avoiding costly mistakes with your carpet or flooring option. If you’re unsure of how to take accurate room measurements, the good idea is to hire a local fitter who can help ensure a professional installation and everything relating to the carpet replacement is measured correctly.  

Measuring for new carpets or carpet remnants is an important step in the process of replacing the existing flooring. It ensures that you get the correct sized carpet that fits the size of the room perfectly, without any gaps or overhangs. This guide will provide tips and tricks to accurately measure your space so you can get a good deal when ordering the right amount of carpet or floor covering for your home. 

Before starting, it’s important to remember to measure multiple times and double-check your measurements and square footage. Measure from wall to wall across the widest part of the room, and include any protrusions like fireplaces or staircases. As the best option, If necessary, add an extra 5-10 cm for trimming later on. Additionally, don’t forget about doorways; if possible, measure those separately, so you have enough excess carpet material to work around these areas when installing the carpet.

Shop online

Shopping online for carpets rather than using a local retailer or carpet store is becoming more popular due to the competitive prices offered by online only retailers. Carpet stores have traditionally been known for having high overheads, marking up their products and labour costs accordingly. This makes it difficult for customers to find affordable carpets when shopping in a store to replace old flooring, as they may be unable to afford the additional cost or marked-up price.

However, online-only retailers are often much more competitively priced than traditional carpet stores but can still provide the quality of the carpet for a total project cost or, alternatively, a small area. These businesses are not limited by overhead costs and can provide the best prices while still providing different types of flooring, i.e., Hardwood flooring or laminate flooring, Berber carpet or Short pile, also carpet padding, to name a few, and in fact, can provide any carpet type for the best price.

Furthermore, customers can compare the prices of different stores at once without having to leave their houses or drive from store to store in order to get the best deal. Shopping online carpet retailers give consumers access to a wider range of products, which increases their chances of finding exactly what they’re looking for at an incredible price point.

Get lots of samples

Carpets On a Budget

When buying carpets online, you must understand that you can’t always expect the same experience as shopping in person. However, online retailers are beginning to offer free sample services (for example, Designer Carpet offers customers 4 free samples) to give customers a more accurate representation of their products. Whether you’re looking for a carpet or underlay, taking advantage of these sample services is essential before making any purchase. 

In the case of carpets, nothing can substitute seeing and feeling the material in person. While computer screens and descriptions can give an idea of what they look like, there’s no comparison to seeing how different colours and textures change the atmosphere of a room, even as a temporary solution when laid on the floor. Free samples are easy and can allow buyers to easily compare various carpets and find one that best suits their needs.

Grab a bargain

If you’re looking to buy a carpet but can’t afford the retail price, then you may want to consider buying a remnant, off-cut or sale carpet. Remnants are pieces of carpet that were left over after someone else purchased their own custom-made piece. Offcuts can do a great job and are the same as remnants, but they come in larger sizes and may often have slight imperfections but no serious damage.

Sale carpets were discounted due to damage or simply because they had been on display too long. All these types of carpets can be great options for those looking for an affordable way to get new flooring and are a good way to get a large upgrade in quality for the same cost. Many of these inventory lines provide a great end result and may also be discounted up to 80 per cent.

It is important to remember that remnants and off-cut pieces may not be as large as standard fitted carpets. However, this does not mean they are not the right carpet for the job or make them any less desirable. The benefit here is that smaller pieces give greater flexibility when positioning and fitting in the best place, awkward spaces or around furniture. The advantage of buying these types of carpets is that you can usually find them at a fraction of the cost compared with regular retail prices. Furthermore, many retailers offer free delivery for these kinds of purchases, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees for transportation costs either.

Arrange everything yourself

Shopping for carpet, underlay and accessories separately online can help you save a ton of money. Many people are unaware that shopping for these items separately is an option. It is not only convenient, but it can help you save some serious cash when compared to buying everything in one package. 

When shopping online, make sure you compare the cost of the carpet between different sites and also check out any offers or coupon codes that may be available. This can mean the difference between saving 10% off your order or even getting a free new rug or accessory with the purchase.

Additionally, don’t forget to factor in shipping costs and potential taxes, which could drastically affect your total cost at checkout. 

Carpet fitting is a job best left to professionals

Carpet fitter

With so many types of carpet and even commercial carpet, there are so many different applications for them it makes sense to enlist the help of an experienced carpet fitter.

Luckily, several specialist retailers can provide all the supplies you need for the right type of carpet fitting project. By using one of these retailers, you can be sure that you have access to high-quality supplies at competitive prices. The National Institute for Carpet Fitters ( provides a comprehensive network of approved carpet fitters across the UK. They are all qualified and experienced professionals who will ensure your carpets are fitted accurately and provide carpet tack strips, if required and safely. You can search their website to find a local fitter and pay them directly for their services.

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