Repairs & Improvements: What a local sash windows specialist can do for you

If you’ve just moved into a period home with wooden sash windows, you may be seeking some help with them. Your local sash window specialists are here to help you with a wide range of services.

We can help you bring your traditional timber sash windows back to life, and we can also help with the energy efficiency of your home too. Plus, we have excellent customer service and conduct all of our repairs with the utmost care. Let’s dive into what a quality sash window specialist can do for you, shall we?

Repair and paint your windows

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If your sash windows have peeling paint and you have noticed signs of rot in the wood, now would be a good time to call us. We can repair any wooden window frame, no matter how bad the rot situation is. If needed, we can remove large areas and splice in new wood to give the frame some more strength. We will then treat any minor areas of rot, sand, prime and paint all of your windows to protect them from the elements.

Oh, and we won’t just stop at sash window repairs, either. We can also repair wooden casement windows, French doors, and any other exterior wood on your home.

Traditional sash windows and all exterior woodwork must be protected by good-quality paint. If yours haven’t been protected for a while, this may have caused issues with the frame, the mechanism and how they operate. No worries. No matter the issues with your windows, we can bring them back to life. We’ll have your windows looking beautiful again in no time.

Fix your window’s mechanisms

How do you repair old wooden sash windows

Being sash window specialists for many years now, we have repaired every single part of sash window mechanisms. Sadly, traditional sash windows and casement windows can have issues with their mechanisms, locks, hinges, etc. This often occurs because of the age of the windows but can occur from misuse occasionally as well. Whatever the reason your windows need some repair work to their working parts, we can help. We can ensure that your windows work just as they did the first day they were hung.

Draught-proof your sash windows

Draught-proofing your sash windows is an excellent way of improving the energy efficiency of your home. Period properties suffer greatly from heat loss, and one of the biggest culprits is poorly insulated windows. Draught-proofing deteriorates over time, and many of the older methods of draught-proofing are nowhere near as effective as modern techniques. We’ll bring the draught-proofing of your windows in the 21st century and ensure they perform as well as they possibly can for single-paned windows. This will help keep noise and damp issues to a minimum and do some good work for your energy bills.

Retrofit double glazing into your existing sash windows

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Many people believe that window replacements are needed if they are going to enjoy double-glazing in historic buildings. However, we can install double glazing into your original sash windows. We do this by using ultra-thin vacuum-sealed double glazing that is just as effective as triple glazing yet so thin that you’ll barely notice it in your windows.

Original box sash windows can greatly benefit from double glazing when it’s done correctly. Your heritage sash windows won’t change at all. The style of your home won’t change. The breathtaking architecture will still be at the forefront, but your home will now benefit from double glazing.

We can help you

Our professional team of expert sash window restorers are ready to help you achieve your perfect home. We offer a range of products and package deals for all the windows in your home. We have created window refurbishment packages to suit everyone.

So, if you’d like us to repair and protect your windows, we can do that. If you’d like us to repair them, retrofit them with 21st-century double glazing and draught-proof them, we can do that.

Our expert and friendly window restorer team is just a phone call away. Call your local sash window restoration company today to see how our expert team can help you.

Repairs & Improvements: What a local sash windows specialist can do for you 1

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