Putting pen to paper is good for your health

When we write three separate parts of the brain are used compared to when we type. Researchers discovered that students writing down their lecture notes, rather than typing onto a screen remembered more information.

The National Handwriting Association believe that handwriting can improve the growth of reading, spelling and understanding math’s concepts amongst young learners. In the recent infographic below, National Pen have outlined the positive benefits of the mighty pen.

Here are 3 easy ways to improve your child’s handwriting

  1. Magic fingers – tracing letter shapes on a steamed-up car window with your finger helps to develop a young child’s hand to eye coordination.
  2. Fat pencil – grip is often a blocker when a toddler first picks up a pencil. By choosing fat pencils gives them a better chance to engage with writing and drawing.
  3. Slowing down Kids Health offer many suggestions including getting children to slow down and give the brain more time develop this new skill.

All hail the mighty pen: More handwriting, less typing



All hail the mighty pen: More handwriting, less typing, courtesy of National Pen

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