Project 366 – Week 8 2016

Sunday was a quiet day for us, we spent the day mostly relaxing at home so that the Beans were refreshed to start back at school on Monday. Beanie Boy had a little homework still to do but it was pretty cool homework – he had to build a castle from any material of his choosing and he chose to make his from Lego. I don’t remember homework being that much fun at school?


On Monday we finally took delivery of our new suite and it was even better than I had remembered. After placing the order I had doubted our choice thinking it would be too big, too brown . . . but now that it’s here we love it and how it has modernised our lounge.

I spent all of Tuesday morning cleaning both of the upstairs bathrooms in readiness for the carpet fitters coming back to lay the flooring. It was a hot and tiring task as I used the steam cleaner to give them a really good clean. The guys were due to come Tuesday afternoon but sadly they had to cancel as their previous job ran into overtime.


I didn’t really do very much on Wednesday as I think I had pushed myself too much on Tuesday. Following a car accident in 1997 where I injured my neck and shoulders I always struggle when I do too much with my arms. All of the cleaning on Tuesday had aggravated my neck and shoulders so I was left suffering with a horrendous headaches. It didn’t help that I already had a bad cough and flu-like symptoms so Jelly Bean and I stayed close to home and just played quietly together.

I sewed the first of Little Bean’s badges onto her Brownie outfit ready for her first meeting back at Brownies after the break. She has been trying hard to do tasks towards her next badges and is well on her way to another two.


Whilst looking for help online with Jelly Bean’s #problemswithpoop I found this book entitled “It hurts when I poop” so I ordered it in the hope that it might help him to understand his issues a little better. We sat and read the book together and within a few pages Jelly Bean said to me “is that boy me Mummy?”. The boy in the book is actually called Ryan but we decided to rename him to match JB’s name and he asked me to read the book over and over again. In the book it explained that some foods help to make the poop soft and some make the poop hard which makes it hurt to poop. He instantly recognised that some of the foods he liked were the ones which make his poop hard. I’m really hoping that if we continue to keep reading this book he will begin to understand his problems a little better and hopefully together we can make it better for him. #Project366

Saturday for us was all about the #littlemoments and making family memories. We attended a bloggers’ day at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor Park. It’s always a fun day out for our family because there is something there for everyone. We arrived at 9am and left when the park closed with big smiles on our faces, lots of photographs on our cameras and stories to tell. Saturday was a GREAT day!


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