Poor Oral Hygiene Can Lead to Oral Cancer – Take Necessary Steps Now!

Do you know that poor oral hygiene can lead to oral cancer? It’s true, and the consequences can be devastating. Oral hygiene is essential for your daily routine but often overlooked. Poor oral hygiene can also lead to assorted dental issues, including gum infection, cavities, and bad breath. However, the consequences of ignoring oral hygiene go beyond just dental problems. Studies have implied a link between poor oral hygiene and the growth of oral cancer. It is time to discuss the significance of good oral hygiene and how it can prevent oral cancer. You may meet renowned dentists from Dublin Dental Care to discuss good oral health. 

An Insight into Oral Cancer

oral cancer

Cells in your body can multiply, grow, and die. A cancer cell is a cell that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. It functions abnormally. Oral cancer happens when cells in your mouth begin to function abnormally, and they begin to grow and multiply. These abnormal cells will attack other healthy cells, causing them damage and affecting the surrounding tissues. The mouth is the oral cavity, which encompasses the inside and outside of your lips, cheeks, gums, teeth, and the part of your tongue that is the central part of your oral cavity. Oral cancers in the mouth generally happen when the inside of the mouth, language, and lips are affected. Oral cancer can also occur in the throat area.

Symptoms of oral cancer are lumps that don’t heal or go away are some of the signs of oral cancer. Some other unexplained reasons include chronic pain in the teeth, mouth, or jaw, having red or white patches in the mouth or throat area, having difficulty chewing or swallowing, or even chronic bad breath. Although there are no known causes for oral cancer, there are various risk factors, including tobacco products such as cigarettes, excessive use of alcohol, or a family history of oral cancer. 

Investigating the Interrelationship Between Bad Oral Hygiene and Higher Risk of Oral Cancer

Many studies have been performed worldwide that showed that poor oral hygiene can contribute to oral cancer. Most of the research concluded that good oral hygiene reduces the risk of getting oral cancer. Good oral hygiene includes brushing regularly, getting essential dental checkups, and having no missing teeth. The study also focused on discovering risk factors for developing oral cancers related to poor diet or tobacco use. Apart from just having good oral hygiene habits, it is also essential for you to quit smoking, limit the use of tobacco and alcohol, and eat a balanced diet that includes lots of vegetables and fruits, which is the best way to lower the chances of getting oral cancer.

Don’t take your oral health for granted. By maintaining good oral hygiene practices, you not only prevent cavities and gum disease but also reduce any chances of having oral cancer. Undoubtedly, maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial in preventing the risk of oral cancer. Neglecting oral health can lead to the proliferation of unhealthy bacteria and other substances that can lead to gum rash and damage to the tissues in the mouth, increasing the possibility of developing oral cancer. Therefore, it is essential to adopt good oral hygiene practices to reduce the risk of this deadly disease.

Your smile and your life depend on good oral hygiene!

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