Planning A Family Vacation? Here’s What You Need For Your Kid’s Safety

If you’re planning any kind of vacation, you’re probably looking forward to the fun and relaxation that will come with it. However, before you jump on a plane or hop in your car, there are some things you need to think about regarding the safety of your kids. Even if you don’t plan on leaving your home state, not taking certain precautions can put children at risk of potential harm during travels. Fortunately, there are plenty of items that will help ensure your child’s safety when travelling. Here’s what you need.

A Stroller

Planning A Family Vacation

A stroller is a huge must-have for all parents, but even more so when travelling. Not only does a stroller make it easier for parents to manage their children during a long day of exploring, but it’s also a safe way to transport your child wherever you want. There are plenty of options when choosing a stroller. Here are things to look out for when selecting a stroller:


The size of your stroller is an essential factor to consider when choosing one for travelling. Before you buy a stroller, measure the width and length of whatever space you’ll be using it in. Make sure the stroller will fit comfortably through doorways and any tight spaces without difficulty.


Another characteristic to keep in mind is the weight of the stroller itself. Again, make sure that it won’t be difficult if you need to transport it on an airplane or put it in a car trunk for travel. Also, try to balance out how heavy your child may be with how heavy your stroller is by choosing something lightweight yet safe for your baby’s needs. 


The harness, or straps that secure your child into the stroller, should be adjustable and easy to use. Look out for a no-thread harness which according to Stroller Buzz, will mean ensuring your baby with no problem. If you have a younger child who needs a car seat adapter, look for a stroller with those features.


A stroller that’s easy to fold up and put away is a lifesaver when it comes to travelling. Many strollers will snap open and closed with minimal effort, which is crucial for parents planning on flying without using a personal vehicle. 

A Car Seat

Planning A Family Vacation? Here's What You Need For Your Kid's Safety 1

Just like you need a stroller to help keep your child safe while travelling, you also need a car seat to protect your baby correctly when riding in an automobile. There are many types of car seats available today, so parents need to consider which type is the safest for their children. Here are some tips for choosing the best seat:


When choosing a car seat, look at your child’s age and size. The height and weight requirements on many car seats will tell you what range they’re intended for. Always check with the manufacturer of the seat itself if you have any doubts or concerns about its suitability to use with your child. You find that information on the inside of the seat, usually on a sticker.


Not all car seats or booster seats are created equal, and some may even be dangerous. Do your research and make sure that any seat you use has been approved by the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) as well as the IIHS (Insitute for Highway Safety). 


It’s not enough to buy a safe car seat and place it in the back of your vehicle; it must also be installed correctly. A safe installation is crucial for protecting your child while on the road, so check with your local police department and ask if they provide free inspections of car seats. If they don’t, consider hiring an inspector who specializes in these matters to come to take a look at how yours is installed in your car and let you know if it needs to be changed.


The material used in the construction of your car seat must be fire-resistant and crash-tested, as well as secure against buckling or other malfunctions. These tests need to have been carried out within one year of purchasing your new car seat, so always check when it was made before buying it second hand!

A Backpack Diaper Bag

You probably already have a diaper bag packed and ready before heading out for a day trip with your child. Still, a backpack diaper bag will make life much easier on a more extended trip where your baby might need extra items during flight travel or bus ride. When choosing a backpack diaper bag, make sure it has enough room for additional items but is not too large to be cumbersome on your back or shoulders. Also, look for one with various compartments to help you stay organized without getting any of your things lost inside the bottomless pit that some diaper bags resemble! 

In conclusion, you’ll need a good stroller for keeping your little one safe, as well as a car seat suitable for their age and size. Ensure that the NHTSA and the IIHS approve the car seat and that it’s installed correctly before using it to transport your child anywhere. As for a diaper bag, go with an ergonomic backpack to help keep yourself comfortable during long trips away from home.

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