Personalised Story Books for Christmas

When you have a special little someone to buy for at Christmas, you want to give a gift that really means something to them, something they can keep. Most children love a good story book but what about a story book where they are the star of the story from Getting Personal? Prices start at just £9.99 and there are lots of titles to suit everyone in your family from the very young to the more mature.

We were sent a book each for Little Bean and Beanie Boy (although obviously with their real names). They are both lovers of books anyway but staring in their own book really makes the story special to them and they ask for them to be read over and over again.

Little Bean’s story tells the tale of a Little Bean as a Princess trying to find a mysterious noise rumbling through her castle.

Beanie Boy’s story – The Magic Bookcase is about a bear who loves to travel the world and meet his friends.

The child’s name appears on the front and back covers as well as throughout the beautifully illustrated 13 page book. You can also personalise the book further by including a personal message on the first page of the book.

The tiddlers both love their books, the stories are engaging and the illustrations are beautiful. There are so many things to talk about to help bring the story to life and the fact that ‘they’ are the star of the book really adds to the magic of the books. Wouldn’t we all like to star in our own special story?

DISCLAIMER: We were sent two of the Personalised Story Books free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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