Our Family’s Outdoor Adventures with Mountain Warehouse Gear #ad

As an enthusiastic outdoor family, we were invited to the new Mountain Warehouse Norwich megastore (where the old Top Shop used to be) to choose items for our outdoor adventures (we are regular customers for our outdoor clothing anyway).

Mountain Warehouse

At a time when much of the high street is struggling, Mountain Warehouse is going from strength to strength with new stores opening up and down the country, and that much was evident when we attended the opening because the store was buzzing with customers. All tills were busy with shoppers waiting to pay for the entire time we were there.

With a family trip to Edinburgh organised for the following week, we knew the weather would be just about perfect to test our new gear, so let me tell you what we all chose and how they faired in the wet and windy Scottish capital.

Our Family's Outdoor Adventures with Mountain Warehouse Gear #ad 1

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for coats, and it’s my husband’s biggest bugbear with me, but I do believe there are different coats and jackets for various occasions. The one coat I have been hunting for is a decent ‘down jacket’ to keep me warm and dry without feeling overly stuffed up.

I spotted the Skyline Women’s Hydrophobic Down Jacket and was instantly sold on the colour; it was a game-changer. Lightweight yet incredibly warm, it’s perfect for brisk mornings and chilly evenings, wet school runs, and dusky dog walks. The hydrophobic down insulation kept me dry during expected drizzles and downpours, making it a staple in my hiking gear. It comes with its own carry bag, too, so when the sun finally appeared in Edinburgh, I could pack it up and pop it in my bag.

My husband Simon was impressed with the Fell II Men’s 3 in 1 khaki jacket. He’s one of those people who doesn’t always want to wear a coat, but once he gets cold and wet, he takes a while to warm up. It’s versatile, combining a waterproof outer layer with a detachable fleece inner. It’s ideal for varying weather conditions and a top pick for anyone seeking a reliable waterproof jacket.

The 3-in-1 design means that he can wear it as a rainjacket if it’s not too cold, just as a fleece if it’s dry but chilly or both together like he did in Edinburgh.

Our Family's Outdoor Adventures with Mountain Warehouse Gear #ad 2

OK, so with me it’s coats, with Simon it’s footwear!! He loves shoes and boots. I told him about the new Hayden vegan walking boots from Animal, and from the second they were on his feet, I knew they were not coming off! Comfortable, stylish, and sustainable – these brown boots ticked all the boxes. Simon found them perfect for long walks, providing excellent support and keeping his feet dry. He said they are so lightweight and comfortable, already they are his favourite boots – and he’s had a lot to go on!!

Unfortunately, Lillie couldn’t come with us when we visited the new Mountain Warehouse in Norwich, so when I asked her what she wanted, the brief was straightforward: a warm and rainproof black jacket’ #teens!! We spotted the Storm 3 in 1 and liked that the fleece inside was dark grey and not black, another one of Lillie’s favourite colours. What is it with teens and a lack of colour?? Being very slim, I was worried that a size eight might be too small, but it fits her perfectly, and she has been over the moon with her new 3-in-1 jacket.

Like Simon, the 3-in-1 design meant she could adjust it based on the weather, making it essential adventure wear.

Our Family's Outdoor Adventures with Mountain Warehouse Gear #ad 3

Ollie’s eyes settled on the Animal Explore recycled jacket in khaki the second we walked into the store. I was worried he might be cold without a hood, but he soon rectified that by finding a matching khaki Harley Kids recycled beanie. Ollie was impressed that his jacket was warm and eco-friendly; he was thrilled with the fleece-lined pockets. It kept him warm, dry and cosy throughout our trip to Scotland, whether we were beachcombing, touring the city or exploring Edinburgh Zoo in the pouring rain!

Our Family's Outdoor Adventures with Mountain Warehouse Gear #ad 4

For Albie, this blue Cannonball 3 in 1 jacket was a hit. He is a carbon copy of Simon and overheats quickly, but when he is cold, he’s freezing. It’s durable, waterproof, and versatile, perfect for kids exploring the outdoors. The detachable inner fleece was great for colder days, and he loved it so much in the store he took it out of the jacket and wore it all the way home.

Our Family's Outdoor Adventures with Mountain Warehouse Gear #ad 5

Just like Ollie, Albie wanted a beanie hat to wear with his coat and found the Animal Harley bright blue beanie. Not only did it keep him warm, but it was also made from recycled materials, which we all appreciated.

Our family adventures have been elevated with these Mountain Warehouse items. They prove high-quality outdoor wear for kids and adults doesn’t have to break the bank, especially with the special offers available frequently or during the Mountain Warehouse sale. Each piece was a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, functionality, and sustainability – essentials for any family that loves the great outdoors.

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