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The Chicco Johnny Coupe remote control car from Kiddies Kingdom is the perfect gift for car-loving youngsters like Albie. Chicco has long been known as a brand with little people in mind. Their toys are bright, cheerful and robust – Johnny Coupe fits the bill perfectly.

Meet Johnny Coupe

Johnny Coupe

A sporty, easy-to-drive childhood introduction to the world of radio-controlled cars. Johnny Coupe is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. The car moves in four directions (forward, reverse, forward left and forward right) and has real working front and backlights which can be activated by pressing any of the easy to use buttons. The remote can also be attached to the car, and its antenna becomes a handy carry handle.

What Albie thinks to Johnny Coupe

When I presented Albie with Johnny he was very excited, the friendly face and working lights really called to him. The car is a good size and can handle a bit of rough play which is what you come to expect from young children who are still getting to grips with their motor skills.

Albie still doesn’t seem to have the best hand-eye coordination when it comes to driving a remote control car and I have found that he quickly loses his patience when Johnny Coupe doesn’t go where he wants him to go.

What I like about Johnny Coupe

Johnny Coupe

Whilst Johnny Coupe is Albie’s first remote control car, he isn’t the first remote control car in the house. As a parent I LOVE that Johnny Coupe can store his remote control in the back, this saves the two getting separated, never to be reunited!!! I also like that it doesn’t have the straws to support the wires which so many remote control toys have. These always seem to get pulled off the cars and remotes then disappear into the depths of the playroom.

In need of a new thermometer

One of the first things you need to buy when you become a parent definitely needs to be a good thermometer because all children get poorly at some point and keeping their temperature under control is vital to their safety. With four children, our thermometer has been well used and was serving us very well until Simon accidentally left it next to the hob whilst cooking and melted it!!! Thankfully we have managed to find a brilliant replacement with the Chicco My Touch Infrared Thermometer.

Chicco My Touch Infrared Thermometer

Chicco Infrared Thermometer

Chicco My Touch is the innovative infrared thermometer that, thanks to its ergonomic shape, can be placed in your fingers and with a sweet and natural gesture enables you to measure the child’s temperature when they sleep, simply resting your hand on the child’s temples.

Simple to use

This is so easy to use and fits perfectly into your hands. We love that you do not need to pop it in the ear as it doesn’t risk disturbing the little ones when they are trying to sleep. The readings are given quickly and the memory feature means you don’t have to remember the last temperature when monitoring your child over a period of time.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent both items for review free of charge in exchange for this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.




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