Making a room in your house unique

It seems like making a home unique is getting harder and harder. Everyone tends to have the same designs, the same paint colours, and even the same layout for new houses. What do you do to make your room stand out from the rest? 

personalised lamp

One idea that we’re obsessed over has personalised lamps! This fun concept and idea is a simple and easy way to take a common space and make it much less common.

If you’re looking for unique ways to make a room stand out, here are some fun ways to do so. 

How to make a room in your house unique

There are so many fun ways that you can make a room unique. The following ideas will make any room one of a kind! 

Have fun trying them out, and see what you think!

Add pictures 

Making a room in your house unique 1

There is always room for pictures if you have blank space on your walls! You can decorate any space by putting your favourite pictures on the walls or decorating with canvas pictures.

The great thing about adding pictures to the walls is that you can change them repeatedly. 

You can add pictures of your family and your friends, and your pets! Or think outside the box and add pictures of some places you’ve travelled and love to be! 

When you can create a picture or a look based on your own actual pictures, it’s like you’re creating a room full of memories that you’re able to share with others! 

Change up the rugs 

If you want to change the look of the room and don’t want to paint the walls, you can easily change up the room’s overall vibe by changing the rug’s colour.

You can also change up the size rug and the shape of the rug to make it unique and new.

Be sure to get rugs that are for high-wear areas, and if you can find rugs that are machine washable, that’s even better! That means that no matter what gets on them, you can toss them right into the washing machine and clean them right up! 

Minimise the look

Minimal decor

Keep in mind sometimes more is less. If you want to make a room stand out, having a room that is clean and clear of clutter is key. 

This creates an open space that is calming and one that everyone will love. 

Don’t just trash things! You can easily donate things that are in your space or list them online to sell them. What you may no longer want is something that someone else might love! 

Plus, you can keep things for a little while after decluttering just in case you find out that you need them again. Why get rid of something in a hurry just to declutter when you might just end up buying it again down the road?

Take your time and get what you need to enjoy the process. 

Add personalised lamps 

The great thing about adding lamps in your space that are personalised is that they’re perfect for your life! 

This means that you can have a lamp in your room that holds some of your favourite pictures that showcase memories in your life.

Then, when you want to have the lights on, you can switch on the lamp and showcase the lamp. And when the lamp isn’t on, you can leave it off and just have it look like a cool picture.

Personalised lamps also come in all different shapes and styles, so you can really have fun with the look. 

They’re great for creating a space and showcasing a memory, all in one! You can also use these as great gift ideas, too! 

Why have a unique space in your home? 

Making a room in your house unique

Being unique is great! Since you’re in your home for many hours a day, why wouldn’t you want a space where you can make your own?

The space in your house doesn’t have to be huge – because you can do this with a small or large space, too. And if you decide that you no longer care for the way the space is decorated, you can wipe the space clean and start all over again. 

The next time that you’re looking for a way to make a living space unique try one of these simple options above. Some can be done quickly, while others may take a bit more planning. The result is that you’ll have a space that you’ll love and enjoy, which is true to you! 

All of these ideas are fun and are a way that you can make your home or room unique. Try one or try them all and see what you think of the outcome!

Making a room in your house unique 2

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