Living Room Too “Lived in?” Here Are 5 Simple Upgrades

If you have just started renovating your property, you’ve got to pay particular attention to the spaces that will maximise your overall sense of happiness. So if your living room is looking a bit like it’s been lived in too much, you may want to think about some of the following ways to upgrade your living room so it can be comfortable, a sanctuary, but also on the right side of stylish. 

A Statement Furniture Piece

When you go into any living room, it’s always the big three that stand out: the light fixture, the television, and the sofa. The sofa has to exude that level of comfort, and a nice welcoming sofa makes a big difference to how a space feels. But there is no need to sacrifice style; you can purchase handmade furniture and ensure it has a bigger impact on the entire space. You could also think about supplementary furniture like the coffee table; if you already have a coffee table, you can switch it up to a fresher model, but if you cannot afford a new coffee table, think about fixing those scuffs and stains. 

A Chandelier 

While many of us may think of a chandelier as something that is only at home in a mansion or a palace, the fact is that modern chandeliers boast a huge variety of styles to fit any home decor. There are so many different options available to you; you can go for the classic hanging beaded chandeliers, or you may want to go for something more like a candelabra. Whatever you are after, you can find a chandelier that will suit your living room! 

A Statement Rug

A stylish rug can provide that all-important anchor for a living room. If you have carpet, get rid of it and upgrade to laminate flooring, but also put in a rug that has a lot of personality with an eye-catching pattern. If you really want to add more personality to a neutral living space, you can go for a leopard print rug, or if you want to make the space look cosy, faux sheepskin is where it’s at! 

New Shelving

Shelves can easily take over a room where there is little storage space, but they are incredibly practical because they save a lot of space and can also double up as really worthwhile home decor. Rustic bookshelves with metal bars make for easy mounting but also give it that unique setup. 

Go for Texture With Throw Pillows

When we talk about rugs, we’ve got to talk about pillows. They can add that zing of colour to upgrade any tired-looking living room, but you can also mix and match any patterns and styles to show off your unique personality! Throw pillows and cushions always upgrade a living room from drab to cosy! 

Living rooms can be too “lived in,” and while these are just a few simple ideas, you can let your imagination go wild, or at least as far as your budget will allow!

Living Room Too “Lived in?” Here Are 5 Simple Upgrades 2

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