Lillie’s 3rd Birthday Party was a hit!

Today was Lillie’s 3rd birthday party and this year wasn’t held at home. I think it’s fair to say that it was a winner!  She has had the best day and was so tired tonight she actually asked if she could go to bed a little earlier.

Soft Play with friends

3rd birthday party

We went to our local soft play centre with nine of her friends and everyone got on really well, in fact, I think some of the adults enjoyed the soft play even more than the children – hey Jeff!?!

The party continued at home

After the main birthday party, we came home and carried on the celebrations at home with family and Lillie opened some of her presents – thank you to everyone who came and made our little princess’ day so special!

How do you do it?

How have you celebrated your little one’s birthdays?  Do you like to have a party at home, hire a venue and do it yourself or do you like to do an activity instead?  Children have so much choice in today’s society for fun birthday activities, the options are endless.

1 thought on “Lillie’s 3rd Birthday Party was a hit!”

  1. ADORABLE!!! Love the pictures (that you weren’t supposed to take…I won’t tell!) and it WAS a fabulous party! Thanks so much for inviting us!
    😉 Karin, Ella and Mark! (oh, and bump)

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