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Like riding a bike . . .

. . . . after almost two years away I returned to work today.  Not as a permanent fixture I might add but just to help out as they had a backlog of work to catch up on.  I was asked if I would be able to go back in to help them get caught up.  I do miss my job, so I happily agreed to go and help them out.


In preparation for my return to work today I decided that since I was going to need to use my brain I perhaps should get an early night and get as much as sleep as possible.  However, this was not to be as Little Bean decided that Mummy and Daddy didn’t needed a full night’s sleep so she woke us from 4am to 6am.  We took it in turns and each got up to her 3 times until eventually I gave in and brought her into bed with us (we NEVER do this but I was desperate for sleep).  This apparently was a bad idea as she decided that I would make a good climbing frame and then just started telling me to “get it”, whatever “it” was!!!!  Mummy was not impressed so I returned her to her own bed and put a classical CD on and finally she returned to the land of nod!  Yippee??  No not exactly! Why?  Because as Little Bean sweetly drifted off, the birds outside my window awoke and decided to sing their dawn chorus which wasn’t conducive to my sleep.  I eventually drifted off around 7am only to have my alarm clock wake me at 7.30am!

After her active night, Little Bean decided to sleep in until 9am and couldn’t quite make her mind up as to whether she wanted breakfast or not but eventually we managed to leave the house.  I managed to looked semi-smart (until you reached the bags under my eyes) and Little Bean proceeded to shout “Grandad, Grandad” for most of the journey as she was due to spend the day with Nanny and Grandad.


I finally arrived at work at 10am (my old job was in a Motor Dealership) and was presented with a pile of work.  The first 15 minutes or so were spent explaining to everyone (who very kindly welcomed me back with open arms) that I wasn’t back for good, just for the day.  I then managed to knock my drink all over my desk and spent the next 5 minutes clearing that up and cursing myself for being such a dimwit!  But once I got settled, my hands took over the keyboard and I amazed myself, it really was like riding a bicycle as I just instinctively remembered how to do everything.  So this post is dedicated to me as I give myself a pat on the back and say, well done you have done yourself proud!  You can still do it!! 

And the best part of my day?  Collecting Little Bean from Nanny and Grandad’s to be greeted with a huge hug and kiss from her – so worth the day at work!!!

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  1. supersinglemum
    March 30, 2010 / 9:39 pm

    That hug at the end of the day makes it so worth while!!

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