Labels You’ll Love: 5 of the Best Mongolian Clothing Brands  

Mongolian, the land of the blue sky, is famous for many things, including its beautiful landscapes, free-roaming animals, ethnic diversity, nomadic traditions, and a long, impressive history. One of the most distinctive features of the Mongol people is their splendid and richly decorated clothes fit for their culture and climate, from deals to hats, uuj, coats, and boots.  

The Mongolian clothing industry is vibrant, with designers combining generation-old techniques, designs, and materials to create edgy and elegant clothes and accessories. An increasing sense of national pride has made Mongolia a fashion destination regionally and internationally.  

Whether you want to try Mongolian clothes or buy a gift for a loved one, here are five of the best Mongolian clothing brands.  

1. Mongolianz 

Best Mongolian Clothing Brands

In the current digital age, the ease and convenience of online shopping is desirable. Mongolian brings the uniqueness of the Mongolian culture to consumers worldwide, and they can shop online for high-quality and genuine Mongolian clothing in the comfort of their homes and offices.  

It connects Mongolian businesses to foreign consumers who want to try trendy Mongolian outfits. 

Starting in 2017, Mongolianz has an extensive catalogue of boots, saddles, deel, and morin khuur. The clothes are made from various materials, including yak wool, silk, and cotton. Most of the clothes are handmade, showcasing Mongolian’s labour of love and craftsmanship, and competitively priced. 

When it comes to footwear, this online store is well-stocked. If you want to gift a loved one, their handmade slippers are an excellent option. They are lightweight, warm, comfortable, and made from organic wool. Mongolianz also has a vast collection of uniquely designed and quality boots.  

2. Michel & Amazonka 

Best Mongolian Clothing Brands

Among the trendiest labels in Mongolia is Michel & Amazonka, a clothing brand by two sisters, Michel and Amazonka. It blends European styles with vibrant Mongolian traditional clothing to create fashionable women’s attire, footwear, handbags, and accessories.  

The brand stands out with unique, stylish, and eco-friendly products. In fact, the sisters are revolutionizing the Mongolian fashion industry with the eco-trend, producing smart clothes for the body, wallet, and the environment. As a socially responsible company, they develop eco-friendly bags and support vulnerable kids.  

In an interview with Forbes, Michel & Amazonka say they got their inspiration to sew and design from their mum and grandad. ‘Our mum used to do a lot of nice embroideries,’ they said. Their monk grandfather wore decorative clothing, inspiring them to make such pieces for the world.     

3. Mandkhai  

Best Mongolian Clothing Brands

Mongolia is famous for its cashmere, soft and fine wool made from the hair of Kashmir goats. Mandkhai leverages cashmere to create exciting, lightweight clothing like dresses, jumpers, and trousers.  

With the fashion Mongolia’s fashion industry developing and concept boutiques opening up, Mandkhai offers classy and trendy clothing for everyone, regardless of age and gender.  

As opposed to the traditional dull cashmere clothing, Mandkhai is different, and their clothing is bright and features idiosyncratic detail to appeal to a global audience.  

Also, the brand aims to change the prominent perception that cashmere is for older people so that anyone can wear high-quality, attractive, and contemporary cashmere pieces.  

The clothing brand’s latest release, Goat to Garment, has received much attention. Mandkhai Jargalsaikhan, the brand’s founder, uses his fashion design expertise and manufacturing background to show the world the benefits of cashmere. He wants to give everyone a piece of Mongolia with beautiful and stylish clothing.  

4. Gumuda 

Regarding urban made-in-Mongolia clothes, Gumuda excels in every front, from leather dresses to fur jackets, hand-painted skirts, and futuristic shirts. They have something for everyone, including affordable clothing to pricey Mongolian-made clothes.  

Gumuda’s founder, Khulan, was a former TV host who quit her job to do something meaningful, soulful, and beautiful for her country. During her three-year tenure as a TV host, Khulan wanted to wear Mongolian-made clothes but had difficulties obtaining them. Consequently, she saw a business opportunity and leveraged it to bring Mongolian clothes to the masses.  

Gumuda connects Mongolian fashion designers to consumers, helping them with marketing and merchandising so they focus on their art. The clothing brand is a reminder that Mongolians can make modern clothing apart from weaving and making leather and felt products.     

5. Jaga  

Best Mongolian Clothing Brands

Jaga is a luxury clothing brand inspired by Mongolia. The founder, Jaga Buyan, was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and grew up in an artistic household, learning to sew and make clothes at eight. She enjoyed making beautiful pieces with her mom’s leftover fabrics, a passion that saw her move to America in 2009 and start a collection.  

Each piece in Jaga’s clothing line is made with utmost precision and thoughtfulness. The clothing brand has earned a reputation for being timeless, edgy, and authentic with men’s and women’s clothing. It aims to improve life with beauty, sensuality, and urban fashion.    


As the Mongolian fashion industry grows, many clothing brands are cropping and developing exquisite outfits for the global market.  

They are showcasing Mongolia’s culture and craftsmanship to the world, and wowing consumers with exquisite fashion pieces, from Mongolianz to Mandkjai and Gumuda. When you want to shop for made-in-Mongolia clothes, the five clothing brands above got you sorted!  

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