Know about Various Types of Horse Saddle Pads

As you ride the horse and trot, to make the riding smooth, comfortable, and safe, you need to have a proper seat to sit and a comfortable posture. If you are a horse trainer or riding enthusiast, you must know that horse saddles are one of the significant concerns for a smooth ride. You may like to play polo, do equestrian, or want to ride the horse in your ranches and fields, but you will only enjoy the ride if the saddles are comfortable enough. Therefore, here are all the information about horse saddle pads are given.

Types Of Horse Saddle Pads

horse saddle pads

There are two types of saddles. They are English saddle and Western saddle. With both types of saddles, the critical part is horse saddle pads for an enjoyable ride.

1. The English Saddle

The English saddle is used for show jumping, equestrian events, horse racing, playing polo, or saddle seat. As the name suggests, it was primarily used by English riders to have a comfortable ride.

2. The Western Saddle

It is also known as the stock saddle and is used by cowboys and ranchers on the field. With sturdier stirrups, it can be used for many purposes. The horn in front of the Western horse saddle pads is a distinguishing mark to differentiate them from the English saddles. 

 Various Materials Of Horse Saddle Pads

horse saddle pads

Both horse saddle pads are made from various materials and available in various sizes; it is time to know about them.

Cotton Saddles

Cotton horse saddle pads are most usually used in English saddles. They do not absorb moisture and form a good cushion to absorb the jerks. They are comfortable to sit in and are relatively cool.

Felt Saddles

If you use a western saddle, the material is usually felt. Multiple layers of wool are compressed together to make this type of saddle. They are perfect for absorbing moisture, transpiring the heat from the horse’s back through them, and keeping the animal cool. The felt saddles are perfect for absorbing the shock, and you can ride comfortably even on rough terrains. The pressure point is well managed, and you do not feel uneasiness or blisters while using these saddles, as they fit well with the body. 

Synthetic Fleece

They are used for manufacturing both English and Western saddles. Synthetic horse saddle pads are tough and last longer than other types. Unlike the original fleece material, they do not break down easily and are very much inexpensive. 

Fleece Material

This type of horse saddle pad is made from wool or sheep fleece and is used to make both English or Western saddles and is made from wool or sheep fleece. They have more absorbing power than synthetic fleece and give riders a cushioning effect. They become compact easily and become matted more quickly than synthetic ones. Again, they are not that expensive to use. 

Neoprene Saddles

This type of saddle is waterproof and can be used in any weather. They have proper ventilation properties. They are moulded and have a waffle pattern so that the horse’s back can breathe more, and it keeps the horse’s back cool with proper airflow. As the material sticks well on the back, you experience minimum movement and can have a comfortable ride. They are easy to maintain, and even some riders put fabric covers on them so that the pad does not stick to the saddle.

Foam Material

Foam is the perfect material to get easily moulded to the shape of the horseback. They can absorb shock and can distribute the weight of the rider uniformly. However, they are not very absorbent unless used with fleece or felt. Foam saddle pads allow good airflow and can give many cooling effects to the horse. In comparison to fleece or felt, foam pads are much cooler.

Getting the Suitable Saddle Pads

You can get horse saddle pads from any online or offline store at a reasonable price. The market is flooded with various types and designs of saddles, and you need to choose the right one with good pads for your purpose. You can even customize and personalize the saddle pads to make them more comfortable or look great.


Now that you know all the details about various horse saddle pads, get suitable saddle pads and enjoy your horse riding sessions. They are available in various materials; as discussed above, it is your turn to select the one you prefer and have a smooth, comfortable ride.

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