I want to be 3 again!

Yesterday one of my best friends MumtoC came to visit with Master C himself and we headed out on a different sort of trip to our normal fun and frolics. MumtoC wants to decorate Master C’s bedroom to give him a real BOY’S bedroom and so she was on the lookout for a new bed, wardrobe, drawers etc. I know of a great shop in Wellingborough that sells fantastic furniture from well-known high street stores at knocked down prices so off we toddled in my family wagon to see what we could find.

Unfortunately we DIDN’T find anything even remotely boyish for Master C’s bedroom but MumtoC and myself totally fell in love with these gorgeous girly beds and commented in the vain of “I would have loved one of those when I was little”.

Girls Beds

Things have come so far now, my bed was a heavy steel frame with springs until Mum bought me a new modern frame when I was a teenager but now you have all kinds of beds and I really would have been in bed heaven if I had to climb into one of these beds every night – I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have been shouting “Muuuuuuuummy I can’t sleeeeeeeep” every night in an effort to delay bedtime once again. Little Bean has a very pretty girly pink bedroom and is currently in a cot bed but Hubby and I are starting to look at the next stage bed for her, Little Bean’s eyes nearly burst out of her head when she saw these before declaring “oh Mummy I love it soooooo much” – yep, Mummy loves them too, I wish I was 3 again!!

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