How Using Moldavite Can Affect Your Chakras and Emotions

New age philosophies and the recent fame in yoga have introduced people to the term Chakra. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or disc. Chakras are the energy system that refers to some energy points within a human body located in 7 different places. The term involves the idea that if all types of chakras are in alignment with each other, the energy flows freely allowing the body to have physical, spiritual, and mental harmony.


Types of Chakras

Chakras are classified into 7 different types. Each type exhibits different properties and is located at different points in our bodies.


It is located at the top of our heads and controls our inner and outer aesthetics. It also helps a person to be spiritually engaged.


If this chakra is blocked, a person can feel isolated. It is located at the centre of our chest.


It is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for our feelings of financial and survival insecurity. It further regulates constipation, arthritis, and bladder or colon problems.


The Sacral is located in the lower abdomen, below the belly button, and governs our feelings of pleasure. It also controls back pain and urinary tract diseases.

Solar Plexus

This chakra can be found in the upper abdomen and can alter our self-esteem if blocked. It also controls our digestive issues.

Third Eye

This chakra can be found between our two eyes, i.e forehead. It provides us with the ability to predict the future by having good intuition. It also maintains our vision and hearing capacity.


This chakra which is located at the throat can influence our ability to communicate. If it is blocked, a person feels difficulty in putting their thoughts into words.

What Effect Does Moldavite Have On Your Chakras and Emotions?


Moldavite is an olive green natural glass used as a gemstone. According to some theories, it is believed that Moldavites came into existence 15 million years ago, as the result of a heating process formed by the asteroid impact. It is still found today in Europe. Moldavites have some great benefits in healing our chakras and emotions. Here we have explained how it works and what benefits it has.

Affects Our Mood

Moldavite is an impactful stone because it is capable of altering a person’s feelings, emotions, and vibes. It can trigger our positive emotions and can influence our decision-making.

Contains Metaphysical Properties

For people who want to reconnect with their past life or want to go ahead of time, Moldavite serves metaphysical properties where you can transcend time. A person can go back in time to alter their negative behaviours and decisions. This has helped them in managing their stress and regrets. It is also believed that a soul can travel in the future by connecting with the heavenly powers.

Influences Our Heart Chakra

As the name implies, the heart chakra is physically responsible for managing our heart diseases. Emotionally it controls the feelings of compassion, anxiety, and betrayal that our bodies exhibit either towards ourselves or others. According to the options found at, there are a variety of shapes and sizes available. And it has been found that Moldavite can control the emotions operated by the heart chakra. Our body emits negative energies when the heart chakra is blocked. People love to wear moldavite on their hands, fingers, or even necks because they believe that it can save them from such disturbances.

Impacts on Our Mental Well-Being

The hustling and bustling of the modern era have made people stress themselves to make ends meet. Our work, social, and personal commitments and constant labour have caused our minds to strain. Not everyone survives the pressure of their volatile lives and needs some source of relief. For this reason, people prefer wearing Moldavites because it can boost our mental functionality and can assert positive influences on our mental health.

Extraction of Moldavite Can be Costly

We know that gemstone crystals are used in many different ways, for example, rose quartz makes beautiful accent pieces in your home and creates a loving atmosphere. Moldavite, Amethyst, and Moonstone crystals are frequently used as healing crystal jewelry. The crystals calming qualities increase when you carry them or hold them while meditating or breathing deeply. Getting Moldavite from the ground in its raw form to reshaping and refining it to manufacture jewellery requires ample effort and costs quite a bit. Moldavites are deeply buried under the earth and this makes their mining a lot more difficult in terms of the usage of machines and procedures, as well as cost. Furthermore, moldavites are originally small, measuring a few centimetres that make it even more arduous to transform into the desired shape. Hence, the cost required to convert it into jewellery is high.

Moldavite is a fascinating crystal that has several healing properties relating to our emotions governed by the 7 chakras. It has significantly proven to affect people who find themselves trapped in their unhappy circumstances by boosting their self-awareness.

How Using Moldavite Can Affect Your Chakras and Emotions 1

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