How to serve drinks in a crowded bar on time? 

Patience plays an important role when preparing drinks for a busy event. For any profession, patience is very significant. The same is the case with bartenders. Remember that the process of making an efficient and fun event takes work. There are a few fundamental points that you need to bring under consideration. For this, you need to learn the secret of professional bartenders. Everything plays a vital role, from personality to the dressing to the overall appearance. Even the shoes a bartender chooses say a lot. 

Proper eye contact

How to serve drinks

First and foremost, you need to understand that eye contact is vital. When you look into the eyes of your customer, they will start taking you seriously. Maintaining eye contact is fundamental because that will ensure a level of professionalism. Suppose you want to catch the gaze of your customers and look into their eyes, smile and greet them. You can smile and make eye contact and be polite in your behaviour. Remember that it will help you go a long way.

Never snap the fingers

When talking about politeness, you can never be rude. Believe it or not, bartenders are taught to handle rough and pushy customers. You must go under this training when giving them their favourite drinks when you are the bartender. It would help if you also were ready for different types of customers. There is no requirement to be rude, yet you must provide them with the orders on time. In these circumstances, you cannot snap fingers or throw napkins. It is disrespectful and discomforting.

Go for the best shot

How to serve drinks

One of the most vital points you must take advantage of is to provide your customers with a signature drink. As a bartender, it is your responsibility to impress your clients. You must know what they want and cater to their requirements. First, it may be challenging on a crowded night, but it is your responsibility. Provide them with the best experience and see how they will return to you. Reach them quickly to grab the attention of your customers.

Dress well

Customers will always remember the way you dress. There is no need to be very flashy and attractive, but you need to be presentable. When people are jostling with their drinks and enjoying themselves on the dance floor, you can grab their attention by presenting yourself. 

The customers may pay attention to the person behind the bar table. It would help if you had the perfect shirt, bottoms and shoes. Yes, you heard it right. The shoes also play a vital role. Pay attention to the quality of the shoes. 

You can go for bartender shoes that are readily available in the market. You need to go for high-quality, comfortable shoes that will help you stand for long hours. Many online stores sell different styles of shoes for bartenders. Why don’t you check it out? Make sure that you order the right size. Ill-fitting shoes will make it difficult to move around. 

How to serve drinks in a crowded bar on time?  1

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