How To Keep Your Dog From Endangering Local Wildlife

Having pets is a full-time job, and it demands a complete commitment. You need to know how to keep them away from all the hazardous materials, situations, and wildlife. Even though attacks by wild animals are not so common, you can never completely discard this possibility. This is why you need to learn a couple of strategies to keep your pets out of potentially dangerous conflicts and protect both wildlife and your pets simultaneously. Here are some things you should always keep in mind. 

Keep Your Pet on Leash or Inside 

Keep Your Dog From Endangering Local Wildlife

Dogs are curious creatures, and they will react to any sort of noise or smell. Dogs can sense the presence of wildlife and naturally try to inspect the situation. However, any sort of conflict with wildlife can have fatal consequences. Bigger dogs in no time will defeat tiny wild animals. Even though rodents and some other tinier species are not endangered due to their fast reproduction cycle, some other species can be seriously affected by frequent dog attacks. Examples of these are endangered ground squirrels and raccoons. Keeping your dog on the leash and preventing them from chasing any form of wildlife will effectively keep small creatures and potentially endangered animals safe.  

Dog GPS Systems 

We all know that dogs are part of our families and our best friends. One of the most effective ways to keep track is to put a small GPS on your dog’s collar. However, today, you can even get GPS collars that are carefully thought out smart technology that brings together innovative design, GPS tracking, and super comfortable dog collars. Some dog GPS features include an app to connect to your phone and have detailed information about your dog’s whereabouts. Preventing danger is one of the most effective ways to keep your dog out of trouble and surrounding wildlife safe. 

Do Everything on Your Behalf 

As we previously mentioned, the best way to keep your dog out of dangerous situations is to prevent them. So, you can also do a couple of things on your behalf. First and foremost, all the wildlife starts to interfere with the humans and pets once they are hungry. Hunger will make the wildlife start to seek food in the household, and this is the reason why foxes are not such rare guests in our backyards. To prevent conflicts between your dogs and wild animals, you must avoid throwing food and other food-related items in the garbage. We all know that dogs can sense the presence of other animals in their surroundings, which can be the reason for unnecessary clashes and potentially dangerous situations for wildlife. This can be especially dangerous in case you own a bigger dog. Birds and small rodents can be common guests in the bird feeders. Dogs will not tolerate the presence of other animals in their immediate surroundings since they consider wildlife a potential danger and invader. To this end, they will probably act aggressively and will choose violence. Instead of feeding small animals in your backyard or near your house, installing feeders in the local park would be a much better option. 

Socialize Your Dog From the Early Periods of Life 

Keep Your Dog From Endangering Local Wildlife

Starting the process of socialization very early is among the most important things you can do for your pet. This does not involve friendly relations with people, children, and other dogs but with other animals. One of the best ways is to expose your dog, in the puppy stage, to some other animals, such as cats, squirrels, and birds. The puppy period will allow your dog to be exposed to various sounds, smells, and sensations. The early puppy period will give you more control to suppress their aggressive behaviours. For instance, if they aggressively react to any animal from your surroundings, such as a squirrel, raccoon, or fox, you can pin them down to the ground and teach them to avoid any kind of clash with those animals. 

Keeping your pets safe and sound is a lot of work and cannot be done as easily as you think. Most animals are very curious and will do anything to inspect their environment, which can also lead to conflicts with wildlife. By following the previously mentioned tips, you can avoid them.

How To Keep Your Dog From Endangering Local Wildlife 1

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