How to Get Teens to Help with Chores

Do you feel like you need some help around the house doing the chores that have to be done but you feel like you would be fighting with your teens to get them to help? It can be a struggle to get teenagers to break from their schedule and to be a help to others, but there are ways to get them to pitch in with the chores, and we will share a few guidelines with you.

Give Them an Incentive

Teens to Help with Chores

What does it take to get your teenagers to help out with the housework? It may be as simple as finding the right incentive. Parents can incentivize their teens in different ways, with the most common being that they give their teenagers an allowance based on whether they did chores or not. When you connect spending money with getting chores done, you can often get some great results. Of course, you want to teach your kids that they should be helping because it is the right thing to do and because they want to be a blessing to others, but you can still use allowance as a type of incentive. 

Another incentive idea to try is privileges. You can tell your teens that if they get their chores done, they can spend time with their friends, play video games, drive the car, or do other things they want to do. A lot of smart parents that are hoping to raise responsible kids will teach their kids a vital lesson that privileges stem from taking responsibility.

Consider Their Schedule

You don’t want give your kids so many chores that they don’t have time to do them or that they don’t have time for the other things they need to get done. For instance, when it’s test time and your kids need to be studying, you may want to cut down on the chores a bit, taking them on yourself. You may even want to hire the chores out to a professional cleaning company, suggests Jenny of NYC Move Out Cleaners. That way, you can both get a break, and you can have time to spend helping your kids study.

There may be times you have to cut back on the chores, and there may be times where you need to re-evaluate how much chores you’ve giving your teens. Maybe they’re not getting enough time to rest or not getting any free time. Take those things into consideration. You may also want to increase the number of chores you give them because they’re just wasting too much time. There’s not a set number of chores that each teenager should do. Each parent needs to determine what their kids can handle and what they have time for.

Make Sure They Know How to Do the Chores

Teens to Help with Chores

A problem that a lot of parents run into when they try to get their teenagers to help all with the chores is that the kids don’t know how to do the tasks and don’t do them well. They may find that their kids are doing a poor job with the chores they’ve been assigned, and this may be simply a lack of proper training. For each new chore you assign your teens, it may be necessary to give them a demonstration of how it’s done and even supervise them the first few times they do it. Make sure they know how to do it up to your standards so that you’re not constantly being frustrated with their performance and trying to correct the work after they’re done.

Be Sure to Encourage

Taking on new chores can be difficult for teenagers. They may feel like they’re not good enough and may criticize themselves over their performance. It’s important to be encouraging and look for positive things to say. Even if they haven’t done a very good job, try to point out what they did do right and then let them know that you believe they can do even better next time. Show your confidence in them and your approval at any indication that they’re putting in good effort. While you do want good results with the chores, it’s important to appreciate the effort from your teenagers and let them know that you recognize when they’re trying their best.

If there is a constant struggle between you and your teenagers over them getting their chores done, it could be because you’re being too critical. Every time you inspect the chores, you may just notice the bad things and point those out to them. While it is important for them to correct what they’re doing wrong, it’s also important for them to be encouraged. Remember that teenagers are abundant with emotions and hormones, and you’ll want to take consideration when giving them chores and evaluations.

Remind Them of the Value of Chores

Teenagers can often be self-centered and not think about other people. They may have difficulty thinking beyond the present and seeing the value in doing household chores. It’s good to sit down and talk with them about how they are going to use the skills they learn from doing chores in their future- at future jobs, with their own families, or in their own homes.

Remind them that learning responsibility and learning new skills will help them as they try to get a job and impress their employers.

Remind them that learning how to do nice things for others will help them to develop healthy relationships among their friends and future significant others. 

Remind them that even though they may not like doing some of the menial tasks you have signed, there is value in doing any kind of work. It helps to build character and create a sense of responsibility and teaches them how to do their best in everything they do.

Taking time to talk to your kids about the value of their terms also shows your kids that you value them. If you take these tips to heart and apply them, you should have an easier time getting your teenagers to help around the house.

How to Get Teens to Help with Chores 1

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