How to Change Your Location on Snapchat to Protect Online Identity

Snapchat can be fun, but it shares more than you might want. Like your exact location. Snapchat also uses your details for ads. Don’t worry – you can easily change what Snapchat can see. Connect to a VPN. This is a “virtual private network.” It tricks apps about where you are.

With a VPN on, Snapchat thinks you’re somewhere else. Your actual location stays private. Your details remain safe.

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Setting up a VPN takes a quick minute. After that, Snapchat won’t see the real you. You can enjoy Snapchat and keep your information hidden.

Give it a try. Having a VPN means peace of mind. You keep control while using Snapchat. Then, there is no more worrying about who sees what.

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There are several reasons to spoof your Snapchat location.

Snapchat could be more safe to use. Another app called Bitmoji, made by the same developers as Snapchat, is also unsafe. Snapchat collects information about users without encrypting it first. This includes location data, what you do online, and more. Storing this data has led to bad things happening – in 2019. Reports showed Snapchat employees could spy on users through internal software called Snaplion.

Snapchat also gets hacked a lot. Hackers have stolen account information and private data. One major hack affected over 4 million users. Using a VPN with Snapchat can help keep you more protected from these threats. I’ll explain more about using a VPN with Snapchat shortly.

Snapchat shows you different content depending on what country you are in. Your location limits the snaps you can see. This might get boring after seeing the same thing for a while. You can view more interesting snaps from other places if you change your Snapchat location. You can also use different filters, badges, and features that are only available in certain countries.

Changing your location on Snapchat also lets you connect with more users. If people from other countries see your snaps, it can make your pictures and videos more popular. Changing your location can help more people notice you.

There are two big reasons to change your Snapchat location. First, to better protect your private data. Second, you should see snaps and content that may not be available in your country. But changing your location can also let you play fun tricks on your friends! You can make your SnapMap show you’re at famous spots worldwide, like a beach in Bali or the Eiffel Tower. Your friends will think you’re travelling when you’re really at home.

Now, I’ll go over how you can change your Snapchat location. I’ll also explain why using a VPN is the best method to do this safely.

You can turn to spoofing apps, VPNs, emulators, location-spoofing servers, or modify device GPS data to get another Snapchat location.

Using a fake GPS app lets you trick apps into showing the wrong location. However, many of these apps could be more stable. They might have annoying ads, too.

It’s possible to find decent fake GPS options for Android. But there are only so many good options for iPhones. Ultimately, using a fake GPS app can be more trouble than it’s worth.

For more details, see our guides on hiding your location on Android and iPhones. We cover better options to try instead of fake GPS apps.

A proxy server routes your internet traffic through another computer. This can change your IP address location. But that’s all it does – your data must be on its way there. Proxies leave your information open to hackers. Free proxy servers like ExtremeVPN proxy, are specially encrypted, which is especially risky. They may collect or sell your data. Paid proxies are more trustworthy but can still expose your information.

So proxies can change your Snapchat location. But they don’t protect your privacy. Your data isn’t safe as it travels through the proxy server to Snapchat. For privacy and security, proxies aren’t the best choice.

Using a VPN is the safest way to change your Snapchat location. A VPN encrypts your internet

traffic and sends it through a protected tunnel. This stops hackers from seeing your activity and stealing information. With a VPN, your private data, like messages and account details, stay protected. Good VPNs like VPN also have other features to keep your browsing safe from snoopers.

Not all VPNs work the same, though Free VPNs rarely work well or can put your data at risk. Good options like VPN have a solid history of protecting user privacy. Now, let’s go over how to change your Snapchat location using a VPN in a few easy steps.

  1. Download the VPN app from the Apple App Store and install it on your device. Read our comprehensive guides on setting up a VPN on iPhone and Android for more details on how to do it.
  2. Select the location you want to use on the server list. For the best speed, use the Optimal Location feature. Find and connect to that country’s server to show friends a specific spot on SnapMap, like Argentina or Malaysia.
  3. Turn your VPN on. This will now hide your real IP address and location. Apps like Snapchat will think you’re on the VPN server you picked.
  4. You’re all set! Log into Snapchat and enjoy your new location. You can also hide your location fully in Snapchat’s settings. This removes you from SnapMap. Here’s how to do that quickly:
  • Open your Snapchat app. Go to Settings.
  • Tap Set My Location.
  • Turn on Ghost Mode. This hides your location from everyone on SnapMap.

Or pick “My Friends,” “My Friends, Except,” or “Only These Friends” to hide from certain people. But Snapchat can still see your location. And your data isn’t protected from hackers. For privacy, a VPN is better.

You can also turn off location tracking in your device settings. But that doesn’t protect your data. 

Using a VPN has lots of benefits. Next, I’ll cover potential issues and how to fix them.

  • Not all VPNs enhance privacy; some free ones even compromise it by harvesting and selling user data. Furthermore, fake VPNs distribute malware disguised as privacy tools. To avoid data compromise or device infection, Research before choosing a VPN service. Many free ones fail to protect users and instead profit from their information. Pick only reputable paid services with transparent no-logs policies that do not gather or retain customer data.
  • A VPN may slow your connection speed due to encryption/decryption processes. However, Good VPNs provide fast tunneling protocols like WireGuard and IKEv2/IPsec to minimize slowdown. You likely won’t notice reduced speeds for activities like Snapchat, Netflix streaming, and gaming with a quality VPN. The speed reduction is slight on a robust VPN. It still allows normal usage of capacity-intensive apps and services.  Research VPN protocols before choosing a service – prioritize those offering the fastest tunneling standards.
  • If your VPN drops, your IP and DNS may get exposed. To prevent data leaks, Enable your VPN’s Kill Switch setting.  It safeguards information by breaking the internet connection when the VPN fails.

Using a good VPN is the best way to change your Snapchat location safely. It will spoof your SnapMap location and keep your data protected from threats. A quality VPN boosts you. Overall. l security in other ways, too. It shields you on public Wi-Fi and other insecure networks.  

A VPN like [VPN service] can help you change your location on Snapchat to access restricted content.

The reliable VPN service uses 256-bit AES encryption and other security features to protect your identity. With VPN service, you can connect to over 2,500 servers in 89 countries to make Snapchat think you’re logging in from a different location. This allows you to access geo-fenced content on Snapchat from anywhere.

VPN service also lets you bypass location restrictions on streaming sites like Netflix, YouTube, and sports apps. It’s a trustworthy VPN service that safeguards your privacy while giving you access to content unavailable in your location. Download the VPN service today to change your Snapchat location securely and unlock more content on various apps and websites.

Change Snapchat location with:

  • Fake GPS app
  • Proxy server  
  • VPN (safest option because of encryption and security features)

See the article for more details on changing location safely.

The best way to change your location on Snapchat is to use a trusted VPN service like VPN. A VPN will spoof your IP address to make it appear you’re accessing Snapchat from a different location. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic to keep your online activity private and secure. Check out this article to learn more about how to change your Snapchat location safely using a VPN.

Change your Snapchat location with a VPN in 5 steps:

1. Get a reputable VPN like VPN

2. Download and install the app  

3. Choose a server location   

4. Turn the VPN on

5. Sign in to Snapchat privately

Fix Snapchat’s wrong location in your profile:

1. Adjust Snapchat privacy settings 

2. In phone settings, turn on Use Location (Android) or enable Location Services (iPhone)

3. Check Snapchat permissions on the phone

4. Reopen the Snapchat app

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